A word of caution about a GHOST trigger kit.

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    A word of caution about a GHOST trigger kit (EDIT: see comment #33).

    I have two objectives with this post. 1) To find out if anyone else has experienced this. 2) Put this out there as a warning in case you are considering this kit.

    I purchased a GHOST kit for my Gen4 19 which included the following.
    ~GHOST 3.5 lb trigger connector.
    ~ 6.0 lb trigger spring
    ~ 4.0 lb firing pin spring
    ~ reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring <<== I knew from the name of this, I wasn't going to use it.
    [This is what Ghost calls these parts, I'm not sure if you armorers would agree that these are correct terms or not]

    I had already decided when I bought this kit that I would forgo the installation of any of the springs, with the exception of the trigger spring—I did add that—turns out, that was the problem.

    What it did to my gun: While fiddling around with my gun one night, I noticed that if I pulled the trigger in slightly and let off, it wouldn't return fully or sometimes it would return but not quickly and crisply. It was like it didn't have quite enough spring to return it—and it turned out that was the case. I don't mean completely depressing (dry firing) the trigger—but pulling it in about 1/8th of an inch and releasing it. It was almost like it was gummed up inside or something. Sometimes you could pull in on it and release and you could watch it slowly return, other times it would not return at all and other times it would seemingly return normally. If the trigger didn't return, it left the trigger sitting in the position where the trigger could potentially be fully deployed by just snagging on the inside of a holster or whatever. The bottom line is: when and if the trigger didn't immediately return, it was as if the trigger was not in the "safe mode" (or whatever you call it). I changed the trigger spring out and put the original one back in and it corrected the problem.

    I tell you this because I feel it could potentially be a life-endangering situation! Or, maybe I got a bad spring, I don't know. Anybody else have this happen?
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    Let me state first, "I only use (OME) factory parts."

    Have you addressed these issues with the seller? If so, what is there stand on your issues? What are they proposing to do at this point?

    I for one, appriciate your insight in dealing with issues like these and have seen this type of problem before where people were dissatified with products they thought was going to fix a problem, and only made life worse. But as a businessman, if I caused a situation, I would certainly like for the purchaser to address it to me first and give me a chance to either correct it or, refund the purchase in whole.

    I say this because there are so many issues with owners firearms that the distribor can't fortell. Dirty guns, modified parts, and wear and tear can cause issues beyond their control.

    I don't care for all the aftermarket stuff myself but in fairness, if you haven't given them the benifit of doubt, please do it now and let us know how it turns out.

  3. Another example of why I have come full circle these days with aftermarket parts. Don't understand why people see the need to do it. Don't understand why I saw the need to do it.

    The only thing I would consider these days is maybe just a connector. And for me that's not necessarily going after a "lighter trigger", it's more going after how the trigger functions as a whole. These days I'm liking the V4.

    After buying many Ghost I started to realize just how mushy they made the triggers after shooting others. I now have several Ghost and multiple springs just lying around collecting dust.
  4. Matthew780

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    And that's where these guys come in so handy here, Eye. Most times there's always someone here that's already been there and done that. Just by mentioning your experience, you get multiple feedback from reliable, hands on sources.

    Me? I go to school every day here. Thanks for bringing it forward Eye. We've both learned something from it.
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    Myself I have the Ghost trigger kits in both my 19 and 22 both gen 3 and I have not had a problem at all.
    I installed the Rocket kits made adjustments and my triggers are glass breaking.
    I have heard of others having problems with their Gen 4 pistols and Ghost Inc. Connectors but not me.
    Give them a call, I'm sure they will make it right one way or another.
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    I dry fired my nephews Glock 22 gen 4 with the ghost mod. I couldn't tell when the gun was going to fire. I like the word that was used, mushy. That fits how thought it felt. I like the way the factery trigger stops, then the snap. Not the felling of a double action revolver. Waiting for the thought, is it ready to fire yet?
  7. Matthew780

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    Agreed. I like this as well. There's no guess work about when a Glock is going to snap (fire), when the factory trigger set-up is working properly.
  8. Augi

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    I too have a growing supply of parts. I thought I would like the extended mag release, bought the Glock part and took it off after the first time shooting with it. It literally rubbed me the wrong way. My only upgrade is the trigger connector which I like a lot. "Glock Perfection" isn't just a marketing phrase! IMHO.
  9. What erks me is when a new owner/shooter that either A- hasn't shot but 100 rounds or less through a certain weapon or B- hasn't shot it at all and is ALREADY wanting to swap parts to make it "more accurate". The gun is waaaaaay more accurate than any of us could ever be.
  10. I don't plan on doing anything to my G35 except for maybe some sights! I do have a question. What does this connectors and triggers help with? Is there that much difference from factory to aftermarket?
  11. Matthew780

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    Isn't that the truth. I 100% agree.
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    Good read OP. But like others, I keep mine bone stock, except for sights. I see that Glocks are awesome out of the bid and doesn't need to do much to them. But to each his/her own. Enjoy and be safe
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    Be careful placing anything other than OEM parts in any gun. There are quality parts that can be had to replace damaged or worn OEM parts that are great what I am talking about are essentially gamer parts. Lighter triggers , springs, titanium pins, this and that.

    Like most of the above posts people have changed out a part in the gun and haven't even put a 100 rounds through them. I compete and still run everything stock on my Glocks but the sights. I kick the **** outta folks constantly and have no aftermarket parts. In my opinion they are a crutch for inexperienced or lazy shooters who don't want to take the time in training and competition to become a good shooter. It's an excuse and they lead to more problems than they fix.

    One of my students on a two day advanced rifle and pistol course showed up with two Glock 19's. One was heavily modded into an expensive poor mans short 34. It had a G17 slide and 19 frame. Everything else in the weapon, barrel, trigger bar, springs, connector, etc. you name it the only thing Glock was the slide and frame. It couldn't make it through two mags without multiple problems. I'm a Glock armorer and he wanted me to fix it on a break. There wasn't enough time to pass parts back and forth between a working gun to see which part or combination of parts were the problem. He used his bone stock 19 for the next two days and over 1000 rounds later had zero malfunctions. He sold the other gun after the class.

    If you learn to run them the way they are manufactured you won't have any issues anyway. What's not broken doesn't need fixing. Chances are if you have to pick a firearm up to defend yourself that isn't your custom piece you might have trouble using it being bone stock. This is definitely a bigger problem in AR and AK modding.
  14. +1 a gazillion times.
  15. Happysniper1

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    All views are always welcome on this Forum.

    No Member should take offense to any of the statements made in this thread.

    Modifying a Glock with quality parts in the proper manner is a choice left to the owner of the firearm, whether it is to personalize appearance or change the factory functioning of parts.

  16. Argyle64

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    Eye_Peeled, your original post explains exactly why I don't do certain changes to Glocks when I install competition trigger kits. I love the Ghost and Lone Wolf Connectors. I have been installing these into dozens of Glocks for a while now. I have had ZERO problems and one of the reasons is I do not change the Firing Pin Spring. I leave that completely factory (OEM). Sure, changing out the firing pin spring can lighten your trigger pull but it's very inconsistent. I receive feedback from all of my customers and have only had one complaint. That complaint was now his Glock shoots so much better now he's spending more money on ammo and shooting more.
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  17. Eye_Peeled

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    Yes, of course I have attempted to contact Ghost. I have contacted Ghost, the store where I purchased my Glock, and took it to another gun store where I purchased the trigger kit where I had a certified Glock armorer look at it. I am not going into details on how all that went but I can tell you they weren't all completely satisfactory. I have yet to have returned phone calls from Ghost.

    One thing I did not like about where I bought the kit was, the guy who sold it to me suggested the kit, however, when I took it in and showed it to the GA, he told me "connectors are fine but you should never change ANY springs!" Why would you sell a kit like that then have one of your associates make such a statement? [In defense of the guy who sold it to me, he did suggest that I not install the reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring.] Either sell the kits and don't make the "don't change ANY springs" comment or make the comment and don't sell the kits. The contradictions are bad business, in my opinion.

    It's not over yet though, I will take my gun in now that I have gone back to the original trigger spring and show him how it completely corrected the problem. I would like a refund on the kit but I do want to keep the connector. I don't think they will have a problem with that. The customer service there has always been top notch. I just wasn't very happy with the "light scolding" he tried to give me for changing springs that came from a kit they sold me.

    My intent with the above post was not to bash Ghost, I assure you. I am sure they have made tens-of-thousands of these kits that are performing flawlessly. I wouldn't have stuck just 'any-ol-thing' in my gun without having first, researched and read hundreds of threads and reviews. But I wasn't going to sit around either and read where a guy shot himself in the leg while holstering his gun and it turned out that it was the fact that his trigger didn't successfully return to safe mode and then find out he replaced some springs. My intent was to let people know right away what I have found.

    I am a businessman as well and one of my businesses is in manufacturing. I thought out my post prior to posting. With all things considered, I have made the right choice. I also made the right choice in replacing the connector; I didn't just buy a new Glock, and start replacing parts to "try and make me shoot better". I put 500 rounds through it before I did anything. That is plenty of range-time to determine whether you like a trigger or not. I knew there were options to make the trigger better before I made my purchase because the rental G19 I shot at the range had an aftermarket connector in it and it was fine. I am used to my Beretta 92fs trigger that is smooth as silk. I felt like the stock trigger on the Glock was like an airsoft gun or something. I am thrilled with my Gen4 G19 and can only wonder why I didn't own one way sooner.
  18. Eye_Peeled

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    I am certain you would never direct this towards me or anyone with whom you have never seen shoot guns. I am sure when you said these aftermarket parts "are a crutch for inexperienced or lazy shooters who don't want to take the time in training and competition to become a good shooter". You were writing generally about experiences you have had with people and not just assuming that anyone who replaces parts on a Glock fall into this category, correct?
  19. Eye_Peeled

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    Thanks, I agree. When we stop learning; we start degenerating.
  20. I wasn't implying you. I was speaking in general. We just see it a lot around here where new owners/shooters do in fact just start swapping parts.

    I wish everyone would.