When you hear "CHL," what comes to mind? Well here in Texas and a lot of other states around this great nation it does not mean Canadian Hockey League. It stands for concealed handgun license.


Today I had the extreme pleasure of taking my class in Alvarado. The class was part of a deal, if you buy a gun from CrazyGunDealer; all you pay is for your ammo and target. It was $35.00, which is cheap if you look around and check prices its hard to find one in the DFW metro-plex more economical than that. Kenny and his crew where great, safety safety, safety. The class was well-paced full of experience and lots of patience. This was witnessed multiple times on the shooting line. We had many new gun owners on my line.

The instructors were well spoken, patient, and knowledgeable. The class started on time and finished on time. At no time did it feel rushed. Kenny took questions and explained repeatedly to make sure everyone was getting it. If he did not think they were, over it again we went. This was not some big box store or manufacturer with a polished training room and facility, no. This is a small business owner "people like this is what this country was built on" who is trying to provide as much as he can for his customers and community.

This class was held in the country at his ranch in one of his big buildings and we shot at the range he has setup out there. At no time did I feel it was a ripoff or I was not getting what I paid for. Never did I worry about my safety. Honestly, the whole time all I could think of is how great this is. I mean really think about it, when was the last time you bought some thing at a big store and they cared enough about you and the product to insure you got the most out of it, and was assuring you were putting it to good use. Kenny and the crew from CrazyGunDealer did and do.

There are many things I can reflect upon about this class but there is one I keep going back to, "Just because you can does not mean you should."

In many occasions in the classes when going over the law and rights of what can or cannot be done that the instructor would make this statement. A lot can be said about this. Imagine a dry straight out of the book instructor. They would recite the book, tell some story with no bearing on the material at hand and move on, Kenny however would not only give a scenario and the law and what the book said, but he would always follow with a question and then, "just because you can does not mean you should".

As a CHL carrier, we are held to a higher standard. This statement reverberating in my mind I think is a big help in keeping this standard up. In the state of Texas you do not have to retreat, you have the right to stand your ground. However, if you can retreat and not have to take a life or possible endanger someone, "Just because you can does not mean you should."

Having a CHL does not give you the right to be a hero or pull it when you are pissed or scared. It means if you or your family is in imminent danger of loss of life or rape or harm, and you have exhausted all other avenues. Then yes, you are legally caring a firearm and you can use it to stop this.

Just remember your life will never be the same if you have to pull the trigger. When getting ready to take your CHL class you should research where to take it, just as you did when buying your first Glock. Making sure it is comfortable, accredited, and safe. Just remember the CHL is a right, but it is also a responsibility.

"Just because you can does not mean you should."

JC is a Glock forum member, long time Glock owner, and Texas CHL holder