a sad loss

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    for some reason i can't post in the law enforcement/military category. oh well, here it is anyway under general. Saturday in the very early morning hours, we lost a fine deputy to a dui incident. i'm not an officer of any sort, just a civilian who appreciates my boys who look out for me. please keep this man's family in your prayers.

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    It's always a sad loss.... My brothers in blue are always glad to hear that we are watched outfit by the few... Thank you!!

    For the family and friends of the fallen, you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

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    sad indeed

    From the pics it doesn't look like that hard of a crash, I guess when your times up, your times up.
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    Prayers to the deputy's family...

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    Very sad. Prayers sent from NC to the family.
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    It is, indeed, a sad loss anytime we loose one of those who choose to wear a uniform, and take responsibility for the peace and safety of others, forsaking their own. And to be lost to a senseless and totally preventable incident is the worst possible thing.

    In 2008 there was a bomb scare at a local gas station. Trooper Karah Kelly-Borgognone was responding to assist with traffic management at the scene. With lights and sirens, she was heading northbound at speeds exceeding 100 MPH on the mostly empty highway. It was almost midnight. At an intersection about three miles from the scene, she crossed an intersection under a red light. Heading westbound was an elderly gent driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee....when his light turned green, he accellerated into the intersection. And T-boned Trooper Kelly's cruiser square on the driver's door. The impact was devastating, and nearly disintegrated the cruiser, which was thrown and rolled into a traffic post, and wrapped around it. It took hours for rescue crews to extricate her body. She passed away before she could be removed from the wreckage. At 33, she was an NHP Trooper for only 2 short years, and left behind a husband and two daughters, 13 and 3 at the time. Clinically dead, her body was kept on forced life-support so that her organs could, even after her death, save others' lives. After the investigation was completed, the other driver was cleared of any wrongdoing, and himself suffered only superficial injuries. The burden, however, upon his conscience is a matter between him and his God.

    End of Watch: Feb. 26, 2008
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    Yeah anytime a uniformed person ( military, police, fire) loses their live it affects the family and also the brotherhood that goes along with wearing the uniform. The best thing we can do is never forget them and to learn from it and not let their deaths go in vein. I watch the news and look at officer.com and firehouse.com and see the line of duty deaths each day or week and unless you live in the area it happened you usually don't hear about it or see it. I just wish our uniformed personnel would get recognized more than a "celebrity" who , well I will just stop there. It gets me angry. Wooo saa! Anyway I will hoop off of my soap box now. Good day everyone and God Bless.
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    And then there are those that work in the shadows. What they do is never made known. What they sacrifice in order to do it is never made public. They wear no uniform, but their work is just as important as those that do. And when they die, their passing is little known and never acknowledged.

    They never get the folded flag, presented "On behalf of a grateful Nation..."
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    You are absolutely correct. America forgets real quick and the media has a lot to do with it. Our security is tested everyday and the folks that work in the shadows do more than most Americans will ever know or see.
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with his family....