A new toy for me and the boys...

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by GunnerGSP, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Got this for Father's Day!

    My boys (ages 12 and 9) and I are headed to the range tomorrow to do some plinking...hopefully.

    I have shot a 10/22 before and really liked it, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on ammo that tends to work well with the 10/22.

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  2. Can't go wrong with CCI mini mags. Congrats on your new plinker, have a great time at the range!

  3. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Thanks...looking forward to it.
  4. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    I'll be taking my daughter tomorrow to do some work with the Buckmark. Will be using CCI as well and some Rem GB.
  5. SteveC

    SteveC New Member

    CCI minimags seem to rock just about everything. CCI Blazer is the only bulk 22LR I use anymore.
  6. Gun_Aficionado

    Gun_Aficionado King of my Castle until my wife comes home Lifetime Supporting Member

    Congrats!!! What a great fathers day gift!!! Enjoy your time with the kids!
  7. Shep482

    Shep482 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Have Fun! CCI for sure. I have not had a problem with anything so far in mine. I have used Federal bulk and Winchester 333's. I think I have had a dud or two with the Winchester. But they fed just fine.
  8. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Thanks, I just hope soccer games end on time so we can get to the range before they close...