A lot of police dept changing to M&P!

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  1. mauro3005

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    Here's a lot of departments changing to the m&p! Apparently s&w is doing the same offer Glock did back in the day when the s&w revolvers were used. Thy trade their Glocks in for a new m&p. I actually like the m&p but not more than Glock to trust my life on. That leaves a lot of police trade ins for us though! What do y'all think of the m&p series?
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    I've shot my friends M&P...it was nice...accurate...

    But it wasn't a Glock !! ;)

  3. mauro3005

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    Yea I've shot the M&P 40. I wouldn't mind owning one but I trust the Glock more! I'm still debating on next purchase if I get a m&p 40c or Glock 27 maybe a police trade in not sure
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    When I was looking for a carry firearm I went and rented the G23, M&P 40c and XDM 40c I disliked the M&P after I put one mag through it. I shot the remainder of the ammo through the XDM and G23. I ended up going with the G23 because of the simplicity and reliability. The M&Pc was awkward with the grip by the trigger guard and didn't feel comfortable. I molested the full size M&P at my lgs and it felt pretty good, but I will stick to my Glocks. As for the PD's switching it's all about money. If they get a steal on the M&P with Glock trade in it only makes sense with what they have to work with for their supplied budget.
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    S&W is offering deals that PDs can't refuse. They offered Illinois State Police a trade of all their used Glocks with holsters for an equal number of new M&Ps with 3 mags, night sights, and a holster for something like $150. Glock caught wind of it and offered to replace old Glocks with new Gen4s for the same price S&W was offering.

    S&W took a page from the sales book of Glock, and while the M&P is not remotely as common in LE as the Glock, it is quickly gaining popularity.
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    While at the beach last week I saw 2 city of Boca Raton officers pass by on wheels & noticed that they had the M&P. Recognized it from the different color grip from a distance, which surprised me because I was under the impression all palm beach county LEOs had Sigs or Glocks. I was going to ask how they liked it but they never came back. Then again I don't know how a LEO would react if someone asked them about their issue sidearm.
  7. Levelcross

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    bhale187 has a valid point here, S&W is learning about the best marketing for a pistol...what the LEO's use. Another factor is that the Officers here locally can buy their retired service pistols for almost nothing. The Chief also decides what pistols are going to be carried by the department, ours went with the M&P because he didn't want another Glock when he retired :eek:

    It is not always about the best gun on the market as there is a lot of political and personal issues in deciding which pistol the department will carry. At least here they did go with the .40 and also the .45. The local Sheriff went with Sig's on a similar deal.

    The bonus for us is a lot of LEO trade in Glocks are on the market, they will show some holster ware and some have only been shot what was required to qualify on the pistol range.
  8. Matthew780

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    Ok. Sorry for the ignorance: What is an "M&P"?
  9. KeenansGarage

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    A little holster wear didn't hurt anyone! That's why they make Duracoat, Cerakote, and NiB (for the high rollers among us ;)).

    The M&P is a nice pistol and it has growing popularity among the competition shooters as well. Mike (from Top Shot last year), competes with an M&PL.

    I like them, I like Glock better. I hope to find a bunch of these trade ins show up! Especially 19s and 23s!

    M&P is Smith and Wesson's version of the polymer pistol. The M&P stands for Military and Police. They come in 3 calibers at the moment, M&P9, M&P40, and M&P45. I think the number speaks for which caliber they each are. If you see a 'c', it means compact. So, a M&P9c is the compact version of the fullsize.

    If you want some good gun porn, search 'M&P9 VTAC.' They sure are pretty!
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  10. BocaDan

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    They also have the M&P chambered in 22LR now...
  11. KeenansGarage

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    You are correct, the M&P22. I forgot about that one!
  12. Kmurray96

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    Like I always said, S&W makes great revolvers.
  13. DON1962

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    The PD here is still carrying SIG 229s. Can't wait for them to go to M&Ps. Lots of nice Sig trade ins!
  14. GunnerGSP

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    The Detroit PD switched to M&P a few years back. S&W's press release stated, "The pistols will be issued to each officer of the Detroit Police Department and will replace currently issued, non-Smith & Wesson firearms supplied by a European-based manufacturer."

    Hmmm...wonder who that was?

    A few weeks back I took my dad to the range. We had a voucher for two 9mm rentals. I decided to let my G23 stay home and thought it might be fun to try a couple of new pistols. I picked the S&W M&P 9 and the HK USP 9 compact.

    I started with the S&W. Bang, bang, bang, click! Huh?! I racked the slide and a round popped out. Oh well, carry on I did. Finished that mag and then the next mag, bang, bang, click! Grrr!

    Rather than try to fuss with it ( we only had so much time), I took it back to the counter and picked up a G17. I told my dad confidently, "this won't happen now." It didn't.

    I imagine S&W M&Ps are ok pistols, but after the range and after seeing the slide crack on one (the compact version) in a Hickok45 video, I think I will pass.

    BTW...the HK USP was mighty fine!
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  15. voyager4520

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    They're nice guns, they made improvements in ergonomics but they didn't keep the design as simple as Glocks. I don't like the fact that they use roll pins or that you have to remove the rear sight to detail strip the slide, but I do like the fact that you can order parts directly from them. I also wish they'd offer an in-between size model instead of just full size or sub-compact. The full size Glocks and M&P's don't fit my hands, Glock's compact size is full size for me.

    I'd want the model without the magazine safety, and I hate that it has "CAUTION: CAPABLE OF FIRING WITH MAGAZINE REMOVED" on the side of the slide.
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  16. Happysniper1

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    Wow, you must have really small hands. I have small hands, too, and prefer the Baby Glocks (have a G26 and G30).
  17. StevenRoberts73

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    My department uses the H&K USP .40 but my off duty carry is a Glock 23
  18. Wade

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    My dept issues M&P 45s. I don't know how long ago that started or what they issued before that. It was the issue weapon when I started almost a year ago. Mine gave me a small problem when I first qualified, but it has not given me any problems since then (only 2 requals since then). I will say my duty .45 is much less "snappy" than my G23 .40. Before everyone jumps on that statement, yes I do understand why.
  19. Matthew780

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    Thanks Kg... Checking them out now.
  20. lovemyglock

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    When m and my buddy got our firearms licence I got a 17g4 and he got a m&p 9. There about the same price but he got a holster and mag pouch included. We went to the range and alternated back and forth. My first impressions on the m&p (and I fired about 50rds) was that it had a nice trigger, but the grip feels alittle awkward. I havent broken a m&p down but from what I read it only has one more step then my 17. To me glock has a proven track record, no thumb safety and let's face it they strait up look bad ass. Seems like smith has to throw in a bunch of extras just to compete with the gun that started it all!!!