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    Glock forum,

    I've found I'm rather susceptible to modifying my glocks. My new purchase, a G 23, is stock. It makes me sad. I'm starting a post to discuss certain modifications I have in mind and I'm using parts I've previously installed on my glock 19 as a comparison.

    Glock 19
    current modifications; EXO coating by fail zero, Ameriglo I-dot pro sights, sure touch slide release, ghost extended/tear drop mag release, pachmyer slip on grips, custom black slide cover.
    (I feel rather uneasy about the ghost mag release, as I use this weapon for carry. I have had it drop my mag unintentionally once. I'm now in the habit of pressing the mag floor plate just to be sure.)

    Glock 23
    wanted modifications; chrome 3 pin kit, chrome extractor, stainless steel guide rod, chrome sure touch slide release, chrome sure touch mag release (requires frame cutting). TruGlo TFO sights.

    I think the black with chrome would look nice in contrast to the exo with black on my glock 19. I do intend to white the lettering on my G23 and probably try a bright orange lettering on my G19 [match the sight].

    another modification I'm considering is the beaver tail accessory. Any one have any experience with it?

    Opinions? Input? Advice?

    Thank you.
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    Why buy a chrome slide stop when you can polish it to the stainless look?

  3. whiskeyx89

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    You under estimate my laziness.

    Also I'm rather fond of the sure touch.extended slide stop/slide release. It had a broader surface area compared to glock and others.