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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by law, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. law

    law New Member

    Know you all always have a glock close by but what is or would be your main weapon if the war ever hit home!!!!!why
  2. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

    Both of my Glocks & my super nova Ben 12ga. And I've been looking at getting a AR15. That's all that I have right now so whenever I drop a bad Guy I would pick up his ammo & weapons.

  3. law

    law New Member

    If ur looking to get an ar15 check out windham weaponry.com great guns for great price
  4. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I'm not familiar with their products, but $1000 for a standard CAR15 doesn't seem like a great price to me, not even chrome lined barrels
  5. law

    law New Member

    It's the same people who owned and worked for bushmaster it's the same guns differnt name cheaper price tag.
  6. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    Primary weapon: M4 with 300 rounds... Secondary weapon: 1911 with 6 mags... Back up: Glock 27 with 2 Glock 22 mags and 2 Glock 27 mags... Oh and my with has a 1911 4" as her primary weapon....
  7. GrubKiller

    GrubKiller New Member

    In the event of an economic collapse, a Red Dawn type of invasion or a Class IV Zombie outbreak my primary weapon would be my Daniel Defense DDM4, followed by one of my AKs. Of course my secondary would be either a G17 or G19.
  8. sigpi11

    sigpi11 New Member

    I'm a big guy. I'm not out running no zombies or bad guys. So I'm not letting an enemy get close enough for a hand gun primary weapon. I've got to many deer rifles that I comfortably kill a deer out to 600yrds and can kill a zombie farther than that. 7mm, 300 wsm, 338 ultramag all with great glass mounted on top. But I will be carrying a few Glocks and my460 S&W Mag with 10.5 inch barrel or my shotguns incase I won't to let them get in under 300yrds. Lol
  9. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    SHTF, I'm adding an AR15 and an 870 to my EDC.
  10. SquadCapt4

    SquadCapt4 New Member

    You guys gots me worried about an invasion now!!! My lil ole Glock 23 and S&W Model 28 won't cut it in those cases, but all I can afford. Guess I'm gonna have to apply for a Defense Dept. grant and buy some higher powered armament!!!!! Ya think Mr. Obama would be cool with that? Lets hope the bad guys hold off until I get my grant money ;)
  11. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    Honestly, if you are light on funds and looking for a SHTF long gun, look into building your own ar15. If you don't go fancy, and shop for parts around you can build one for $500ish
  12. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    "Ish" is the key word. I shopped and swapped, begged and borrowed, and mine still cost me ~$900.00 +!
  13. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    Best part of my set up is I can still run with my go bag, satchel, and M4 case...
  14. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    "ish" as in +/- $20

    DSA upper assembly (complete minus bolt/charge) $240
    Striped lower plum crazy $50
    LPK $50
    Collapse Stock $40
    Charge Handle $15
    Complete Bolt Assembly $105
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  15. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    All of them, Start with the rifles until out of ammo, then shotguns, then the pistols, last resort would be the black powder rifles. :D