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I have seen one before and I want one. Does it make your pistol classified as an SBR?
Did it require a $200.00 tax stamp? If not is there an ATF letter that says its ok?
Looks fun.
The shoulder stock, foregrip, and barrel less than 16" definitely make that an SBR.

This one, however, doesn't require the tax stamp:

Mechtech carbine conversion. I so want.

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I have seen a few. The best is from command arms called the Roni. Several versions. The new civilian version is called the Roni G1. You don't need the tax stamp. All other Roni you need the stamp. Check them out in youtube or google. Caa or Roni. I am getting one. Only issue is that you need a Glock gen 2 or older. Gen 1 won't work.
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