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    Eye opening day at range yesterday! Young couple comes in to lane next to us. Prior to entering i overheard they were on vacation. Guess they thought it wud b fun to go to a shooting range. 1st observation had to get somebody to help load clip were putting ammo in backwards. A glock 9mm. Guess girl shooting eyes closed cudnt hit target 5' in front of her. 2nd observation i finished shooting to turn see my boyfriend confronting girl. She had stovepipe, turned to her bf w/ gun had it it pointed at my bf. He immediately gave gun safety lessons etc. they had never shot gun before had zero knowledge yet were out there w/ 9mm w/ nobody helping them! Very unnerving situation!
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    I agree...this would make me nervous as well. My husband and I have had this situation happen to us as well. We had a woman and her husband/boyfriend in the lane next to us one night and the man was teaching the woman to shoot. Well, at one point he left her there by herself and she was trying to load and fire without knowing what to do. The muzzle was everywhere - even towards her at one point. Luckily we were able to help her until he came back or she may have gotten hurt or hurt someone else. I remember as a new shooter, my husband never left me alone. I wish everyone had someone experienced and safety conscience with them when they are first learning to shoot.

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    Amazing that a range will just rent someone a gun and send them on their way, very dangerous situation. Here in Vegas there are a lot of tourist shooters-big business here to rent machine guns. From what I have seen they are well supervised to make sure they stay safe.
  4. As a visitor of gun ranges, I'd like to thank your bf for making the range a safer place by showing new shooters who obvioiusly needed help how to safely handle and operate a firearm.

    My only wish is that every person who has never been to a range before get acquainted with basic gun safety and range protocols before going to any range. Range masters should make each new visitor recite the four primary rules of safe gun handling before permitting them to be on the firing line. Guess I'm preaching to the choir, posting this on a gun forum.
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    I also spent a day at the range... Shot lots of cool guns and of course my Glock. Check out what I did to my squadron coin at 25 meters with an M-4 with holographic sight. 3 shots - 3 hits. I tried to put 1 hole through each rank, almost did.


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    Reminder to all experienced shooters:

    Who's the range safety officer? You are! We all are.
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    Hear! Hear!

    Well said.


  8. That is what they say in the range safety video they make you watch (if you are there for the first time) before you go into the range. At the indoor range I go to.