Washington 9mm find: Herter's

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by Uriah30, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Uriah30

    Uriah30 New Member

    Finally found 9mm at Tulalip Cabela's, lots in stock at 8. Maybe I'm just new at this, but I'm not familiar with Herter's brand. I gotta have some confidence in that store to not sell something too cruddy, though.
  2. ZombieSlayer223

    ZombieSlayer223 New Member

    I have shot a few boxes of 9mm and 7.62x39 with no problems. The only thing I noticed is its hard to load them into the mag once you get close to max capacity.

  3. Brass, or steel case? I just ordered some herters brass from cabelas online today.
  4. ZombieSlayer223

    ZombieSlayer223 New Member

    It was the steel ones that were hard to load, But they went bang everytime i pulled the trigger. Sorry I forgot that they came out with brass ammo too.
  5. Never had any issues with Herters. Good ammo for the price.
  6. Uriah30

    Uriah30 New Member

    I found brass cased. Will write back if any issues. Someone else said they got it at cabela's also? Maybe its their house brand.
  7. Dapook

    Dapook New Member

    I got some around the holiday's for about 13 a 50. Stoopid me I only bought 4 boxes. What an idiot am I? I have some still, no problems at all.
  8. armedcitizen

    armedcitizen New Member

    Shot hundreds of rounds of 9x19mm in my Glock without any issues. In this market I would not pass them up!
  9. I got a bunch yesterday for 14.99 a box so im glad they shoot good, i figured if they didnt shoot good i would sell them.
  10. Armytxn

    Armytxn New Member

    I just stopped by Cabelas on Friday, no 9mm to be found. The Walmart in Lacey was also a bust.

  11. Armytxn

    Armytxn New Member

    Yesterday I went to the Fred Meyer in Puyallup. There was no 9mm or 45. There was some 10mm and plenty of 38 spl and 44 mag. I might have to get a revolver!
  12. g34-alex

    g34-alex Member

    I live in Oly and I'm sad to hear that Cabelas is out of 9mm, I have a 1000 rounds of it on hand and I'm dying to got to the range and shoot but don't want to unless I can buy more.....
  13. Gilly909

    Gilly909 New Member

    You keep 1000 rounds sitting there doing nothing. Ill take it if youre not gonna shoot it
  14. MrClean

    MrClean New Member

    If I was going to the range or planning on going to the range constantly, 1000 would be a minimum I would have on hand. I've got about 400 rounds now with one of those boxes opened and loaded into my mags. Cost 9 bucks to go to the range and sending 100 rounds downrange doesn't take long at all. Serious practice, like if I thought my life depended on keeping everything in the small circle at 15 yards or more, would be probably 500 rounds if not more. I can't afford "Serious" practice.

    I'm hoping that by mid June we'll be through this peak, availability will be back up, prices down and I can afford to go to the range and put a couple hundred rounds through the gun. I'd really like to just use the center part of the target and not the 7,6,5 or outer paper.
  15. I have a case of it and some Wolf relegated to the storage locker. It won't get shot. My M9 doesn't like it. I haven't run it in a Glock, but then again they eat anything.

    They have a lacquer coating on them. Tula/Wolf/Herters all made in the same factory in Russia. The idea is to make them more impervious to any contamination, with the side effect of the lacquer building up potentially in the weapon causing gremlins like FTF/FTF to happen. Weapons with tighter tolerances commonly don't like it. There was also a problem in the past with it having corrosive primers, and i'm unsure if it's been remedied. We used to run it in MAC11s and THEY'D eventually start gumming. That's saying a lot, lol.

    It's good stuff to have a case of it cheap, and hide it under the bed for when the Zombies come. However i'd no like to risk a FTF when Bill Murry is trying to eat my brains when I'm just out for a twinkiee.

    It was designed to be shipped out to weapons caches, off to Jerkwater wherever and be functional. That's what I apply it as.