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    from what little info I could find there was only 1k of three diff calibers made. are they worth anymore than a standard model? and is there anymore info behind these guns? my 2nd mom just a very close friend who's now a widow has her late husbands 9-11 G21 so im tryn to find out everything i can for her.. they had no children so they took me on years ago. thanks for any info and input.
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    There were G17's, G22's, and G21's.


    Here's a close-up picture of what's printed on the slide: http://cdn.armslist.com/images/posts/634615399138678820trqinbh5.jpg

    As far as I know they're not worth any more than any other Glock. You'll see people list them for higher than average prices for a Glock on various auction sites and classifieds sections, but they usually only sell for the average price of a regular Glock in similar condition.
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