7000 rounds and NOT cleaned once!!!

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  1. I was talking with the gun dealer that sold me my G26G4 and he said his brother has a G19G3 that has had 7000 rounds thru it and he's never cleaned, lubed or even had the slide off! I know Glocks are know for running dirty and very little lube, but that's sounds a little fishy to me! If I shoot 20 rounds or 200, it strip, clean and lube mine! If anyone has had a similar experience, let me know! Just curious! Thanks!
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    I believe it. At my local gun range they don't clean the rental guns. Unless they start malfunctioning. If you think about it Glock is built to run in dirty conditions. The frame rails have little contact and with less parts it is more reliable. It's almost self cleaning. I would still clean it but if it had to run dirty it could.

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    Man...the thought just makes me want to go take a shower.:D

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    Sounds likely. As said by others here, Glocks do well in a dirty environment. I have used range guns for last minute re-qualify needs...the guns are usually pretty dirty. For me, I'll keep mine clean.
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    Ive heard of people shooting 10,000 rounds and never cleaned the gun...
  6. On one of mine out of curiosity I ran 6500 rounds through it before cleaning w/o failure and could have went many thousand more I'm sure. I would like to run a range weapon for the life of the gun w/o cleaning just to see what happens.
  7. I'd believe it, I just personally wouldnt do it lol
  8. That's a great idea, but by the replies, we all may die of old age before it fails! Lol! Thanks for the input!
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    There's an NYPD Pistol/Arms Instructor at the NYPD academy who has over 20,000rds through his 19 or 17.
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    I can believe it, I am sure I know people who do this tegu rarely, not even purposefully.
    We all know em, there just the ones that do not take care of their anything
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    yup I put well over 1000 rounds thru a G22 I had when I was in the Police Academy, ran with out any problems, I just put around 300 rounds thru my G30SF over the weekend when the wife and I went to the range... and have not cleaned it and dont plan on it... just wiped the slide off and then put some new Gold Dots and PDX1's in the mag... Ive also heard that the Gunny (R Lee Ermey ) has a Glock that he's put 1000's and 1000's of rounds thru and went years with out it ever being cleaned and works fine...
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    Maybe Im from the older mentality , but my dad always taught me to make things last you take care of them . We maintained our own cars .Im WAY to anal about keeping my guns clean. Whats not to say that when the gun is needed for protection is when it malfunctions ? Not for me thanks Ill keep my guns clean & lubed .
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    Haha very nice.
    I also clean after each time my 17 is shot
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    I agree 100% with what your saying.
    It doesn't take long to strip, clean, inspect, lube and reassemble a Glock pistol.
    I would rather KNOW than Assume that all is well.
    What does the Glock user manual say?
  15. I personally keep my guns cleaned and ready, but I'm also thankful for the stories about all the folks who like to torture their Glocks for thousands of rounds without cleaning...makes me feel great about by little chunk of steel and poly goodness!

    Also, anyone catch the last two episodes of Tac-TV? Larry Vickers and Randi Rogers put a pair of G17s through some hard times, and they survived remarkably well.