7 years gone by....

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  1. and my GOD how it has aged me. I have gained a ton of weight. You can't see my glock but it's there. Bottom left is me
    . jesus i look doofy
  2. ash1012

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    What the heck was going on? Did the hole neighborhood try to break in lol

    But on a real note don't beat yourself up over it man. Time goes on and we get big and happy lol.

  3. Caseyglock19

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    you look like a thin marc david chapman.lol
  4. Nah we were just goofin off. Under out feet was (he moved) a room in the basement that was literally an industry grade safe vault, 20 x 20, filled with just about two of any gun you can imagine and the ammunition to go with em.

    I had to google that LOL
  5. Gun_Aficionado

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    Nukin one of you four has his finger on the trigger.... LOL just kidding.... Make sure this pic does not get posted on FB... They really frown on the finger thing, so I have been told....