6 O'Clock... Not just beer-thirty...

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    Forum newbie, and soon to be IWB newbie here...

    What are everyone's thoughts on a 6 o'clock (perhaps 5) IWB carry position, and the holster options that would work best for this?

    I am a fairly large frame guy... Six foot, 265lbs, and generally wear a baggy size 42 pair of jeans or cargo shorts... For several months since obtaining my CCL I have been attempting to find the most comfortable carry position and yet still provide a quick, natural draw...I am a right-handed shooter...Glock 23...

    I have been mocking up carry positions the best I can without an IWB holster, and I believe that my beer-thirty "done-lap'd" gut and matching love handles would prove uncomfortable at best for any carry position at, or forward of said love handles... So the small of the back seems like the way to go...

    I am leaning towards the MinoTaur MTAC for several reasons, however as evident with the attached picture, a traditional "right hand" holster in a six o'clock position may prove problematic as it seems like I would be reaching around the slide to get to the grip...

    Naturally, my next thought was simply order a left hand model so that at the same six o'clock position the grip would be facing the right side of my body....

    The only issue I see possibly as a problem with obtaining a "natural draw" would be that I would be drawing with my thumb on the outside of the weapon, and the rest of my fingers between the gun and my body...the complete opposite of a traditional 3 o'clock draw position with a right hand holster...

    Concerning safety, at some point as I draw the weapon and ultimately bring the sights on target, the barrel may end up being pointed towards some part of my body during that draw. Again, a traditional 3 o'clock position would never give chance of this happening with a right hand holster...

    Is there something I have overlooked in my holster selection?

    Are there any other reasons why I would not want to have a left handed holster in a 6 o'clock position for a right handed shooter?

    I welcome thoughts and experiences on this subject... Thanks!

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  2. If for some reason you need to sit down, you could end up beating up your lower back or tailbone if you carry directly on your six. If you get knocked down onto your back for some reason, you could end up breaking something, landing bone-on-weapon.

    Strongly suggest you to consider carrying somewhere else on your waistline. That said, what works for you might not work for others.

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    I'm the same size and weight. Believe it or not, wearing an outside the waistband straight cant Fobus paddle crossdraw has been my most comfortable, secure and concealable set up. I wore a biker vest or open garage shirt and you can't tell. I have a drawer full of holsters and I always go back to the Fobus. Which is my cheapest holster. Any hip or behind the hip holster I always have to worry about bending over and sitting down. Having handle stick out and print, hearing a clunk against certain seats or the worst having grip wedge in a hollow back chair. I have tried several IWB (none of the Forum member models) and have issues of starting out good then working themselves out of the waistband or eventually pinching or rubbing raw.
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    Ya, the small of back is the most dangerous place to keep it for there reasons CountryMick listed. I carry IWB at the 4 o'clock, or my MIC holster at 1 o'clock.
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    I agree with the others about small of back carry being potentially hazardous, but if you do end up going that route you will need a left hand draw holster to draw the firearm in a normal manner. Try getting one of these performance compression shirts from walmart. I wear one everyday since I sweat a lot, these help keep me cool and prevent the sweat to seep through to the outer shirt showing sweat stains; also these help keep the everything in a tight package. This may make carrying at 3:30 more comfortable.

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    Thanks for the incite folks...

    Again, never having carried IWB, I have yet to experience the pitfalls of location choices based on daily activities... Plus, I had not considered the spine/tailbone injury possibility...

    Although I think that OWB would be much more comfortable for daily activities, I know my employer would probably frown on any sort of printing or holster exposure due to shirt rise...

    I think I will order the left handed holster and give it a try somewhere between 4-5 o'clock...use the back of these bulging love handles as a mask for any sort of grip print... [​IMG]
  7. I am roughly your same size and build. I tried carrying IWB at t he 1 o'clock position. Did not work at all -- could not bend over or even raise my leg to climb stairs properly.

    Then I put the holster IWB at the 4 o'clock position. NICE!

    I carry a G19 Gen4 in a DeSantis Sof-Tuk holster. It's a nice combo. The Sof-Tuk does not chafe or anything, plus it is rigid enough that I can re-holster quite easily. I have it canted enough so that the draw is quite natural. The gun does not get pointed at me at any point during the draw.

    The 4:00 - 5:00 position feels fairly natural for a draw. If a bad guy was up in my grill it would simply look I was reaching for my wallet in order to comply with his demands.
    The holstered gun is completely out of the way for bending over and is not really even noticeable when sitting down. It is nicely off to the side.

    It also conceals quite nicely even with just a loose-fitting T-shirt.or polo shirt.

    Give that a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!
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    I wear my Glock 23 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur holster and I carry between the 4 and 5 o'clock range with no problems. I very rarely have printing problems. My 23 sits right above my wallet and the holster is super comfortable. I love being able to adjust the cant with the Minotaur holster. In the summer I wear shorts and a t-shirt with no concealment problems. You can even tuck in a shirt over the holster for more formal situations.