460 Rowland conversion

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  1. justa22

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    Any body bought the 460 Rowland kit for their 21, the specs on the 460 Rowland are awsome, near 44 mag in power. Kit has barrel,recoil spring, use standard 45 mags, I was blown away by the 230 grain ammo specs.
  2. Blades

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    Not yet, but someday I want it for my G30. It will be a few years, still unemployed and paying medical bills.

  3. ckuenzer331

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    I've read a bit on myself... It looks like an awesome conversion!! Only drawback I've seen is the casings...
  4. SeventiesWreckers

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    I've also read about it. And I'll have to pass. I don't know of a recoil spring assembly that can handle dampening the slide recoil. The conversion requires a barrel compensator to reduce the 40,000# chamber pressure so the slide won't come off under recoil. If my head didn't have to be in the way to shoot it I'd feel a bit more confident. But I do like my G21, and although the Rowland may have been designed for it (and other autos), I know it was never designed for the Rowland. The common thread from most of what's written is to expect rapid overall wear on your firearm, and at some point the frame will probably fail. I like my .44 Mags, and my 500 Mag, so I'll just shoot them.

    But that's just my old age talking. I'd have no problem with some one converting their G21 to .460 Rowland, probably make an interesting video.

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  5. Gkearnest

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    .460 Rowland Glock 21 Conversion

    I've recently had the opportunity to install the rowland .460 in my G21 and it has to be the best shooting Glock I own, and I pretty much have one of each. With the 24 pound recoil spring the felt recoil is like a 38 cal. And the rise is negotiable with the compensator. Ran 300 rounds of factory and hand loads thru it with a noticeable stiffness in the first 8 or 10 rounds.
    First shot at the indoor range brought everyone to a stop to see what just shook the building ( not really ) but it does have a very different sound. The conversion dropped in perfectly and required no adjustment, just replace the factory barrel and spring, screw the compensator on ( need to use the lock tight on the threads) let it setup and have a blast.
    Anyone who spends time in the woods needs to carry this round, it's the best you'll find for dangerous game 2 legged or 4.
    I've read and seen video that you can still shoot 45 cap in the .460 barrel. I personally wouldn't recommend it, and why would you won't to after you've shot the baddest round you can find.
  6. Glockinator19

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    It peaks my interest, has for a long time.. But I'm good. The ammo is the main reason I am not going too. I'll stick with my 10mm's for now
  7. epat

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    ditto, I did the 40 super conversion,ammo is about same as 10mm and the power is enough for me, 970 ft lbs
  8. BrentC

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    If I were to do this conversion to a Glock 21, I may want to have the ability to go back to the 45 ACP periodically just to save money on ammunition. If I am reading correctly, since the lock tight is used on the compensator, that would not be easy to do correct? Wouldn't you have to take off the compensator, remove the recoil spring, remove the barrel, insert the stock 45 APC barrel and insert stock spring? Wouldn't the lock tight make taking the compensator off difficult?
  9. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    Not if you use the blue.. It'll be okay.
  10. shaker223

    shaker223 Boost Rules

    My recomendation is 45 Super. I reload my own. SDGlock23 has some good information on this site as well as another site.

    45 Super uses the same barrel as 45acp. Very manageable without the comp. I have 185gr XTP going 1,350fps. SDGlock23 has some very nice reloading info for the heavy bullets.
  11. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    So I can buy a box of 45 super and shoot it through my glock 21? I have heard this but never really was interested
  12. epat

    epat Female Member

    no, the GLock barrel is not fully supported, if you try you will get the KAboom.
    The pressures are higher in the super.

    you need the LW 45 super barrel but they do not list it anymore. I have one and leave it in full time and can shoot 45ACP and super.
  13. sdglock23

    sdglock23 Glockoholic

    Concerning this, I know Underwood claims that their .45 Super can be shot from a Glock barrel. However, with that said it's not a bad idea to invest in a barrel with better case support. Not all .45 Super is created the same, basically there's "factory" loads then there's handloads that get the most out of the cartridge. Underwood makes great ammo, their 185gr .45 Super lists at 1300 fps, which is good. I've loaded a 185gr XTP to almost 1600 fps from my G21.
  14. topleft

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    Any recent info of the 460 Rowland vs 50GI? I've got a G21 FDE that I want to option out...