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MississipVol said:
I went and shot another 100 rds today, making it 450 total with my Gen 4 Glock 19. No failures yet at all and I feel like I'm getting a lot more accurate with it. (This is my first handgun.)

I AM still having the brass to the head/shoulders on about 1/3 of the rds but I don't really want to deal with sending it back to Glock. It's not malfunctioning and if I ever have to actually defend myself with it, I doubt I'll really notice a round bouncing off my shoulder.

It's not like it is rocketing back to my face. It's ejecting it up in the air and pretty much harmlessly bouncing off the top of my head or shoulders. One round DID go down my wife's shirt when she shot, which was more comical than anything.

So I'm going to give it a good cleaning tonight and rest it safely in my safe until next time!
I've been having the same issue with my gen 4 23 I emailed glocks tech team and they had me go to one my local gun shops that is a authorized glock armour to have them contact glock and there just sending the replacement ejector to them for me I just stopped i.e. the shop today so I gave them the info to contact glock so I'll keep you updated
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