45 or 10mm?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by g572, May 17, 2012.

  1. g572

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    I need some advice on choosing next Glock. I have a 1 month old G19 (gen3) and love it! Now i am already looking at 10mm and 45acp as a possible new sibling to my 19. My issue is full size (20 or 21) or compact (29 or 30). Another thought is ammo; availability and price difference. And my biggest concern-can barrels be changed/converted to other calibers in the compact models? Any advice us much appreciated.
  2. dude, Im tossed between the 20 or 21 myself.... I feel like Im gonna go with the 20 (10mm) to add to my 17 I have.... ammo is not going to be cheap either way, but I feel like the 10mm has more pop to it, IMO

  3. and btw, .45 acp is roughly $0.30-$0.35 per round, and 10mm is right around $0.45 per round...
  4. and $0.45 per round is basically the cheapest I've found lol
  5. officerX

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    Why not the G37 .45 GAP?
  6. g572

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    To be honest, i dont know much about the "GAP". how does it compare to ACP? Pros? Cons? And is the G37 same size as 21?
  7. Blades

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    Do you do any reloading?
  8. g572

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    No, although it is something i am definitely interested in doing in the future.
  9. Argyle64

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    I'm a .45 ACP fan. It's more readily available and cheaper than 10mm. I love the 21/30SF and the Gen4 21.
  10. Ghost23

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    I'm a 10mm advocate. In the Buffalo Bore 135 grain Buffalo Barnes™ Tac-XP you have over 900 ft/lbs of energy behind it, trucking at close to 1600 f/s. Double any other .45 I've ever seen.
  11. Blades

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    Then I'd vote 10mm.
  12. Honestly, IMO I would stay away from that ammo..... hollow points that are that dirt cheap and made by a brand I have NEVER heard of, personally, I wouldn't touch the stuff
  13. I own both a 21SF and a 30SF, and love them both. The 30SF shoots better and is easier to conceal IMO. Weather you end up with a .45 or a 10mm I wish you many happy and safe rounds downrange!
  14. You can convert a .45 into a 10mm (barrel and ejector) but not other way around. But for economical shooting, you can convert a 10MM into a .40. Not sure about other conversions but lots on info here or you can check out conversion barrels at glockstore.com and KKMprecision.com

    No real wrong choice...only thing to consider at this point is G20 is gen 3 where G21 is now available in gen 4 format.
  15. g572

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    Wow! Impressive stats on the 10mm. It seems similar to 44mag's numbers. (ear to ear grin). I guess my next question is how effective would or would there be a crucial difference between the 29 and 20 in the event of a bear encounter? Im guessing range may differ?
  16. GlockIt

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    I've ran the .308 rounds in my HK 91 copy and the .380 rounds in my Bersa Thunder and the LCP and they are very clean, accuarte and reliable rounds. They are a new player to the American Market and only been around for five years or so in the U.S.
  17. Bear encounter (less than 10 yards), your main difference is how much you panic and round count!
  18. Birddogyz

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    Bear? then the 20 is the answer. More capacity equals better chance of survival.
  19. g572

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    I guess i will invest in a 20 first. And eventually get a 30 as a carry. I live in CA. so either way i go, wether it be 20 or 29 im limited to 10 rds. I think the 20 will b my hiking/fishing companion. Well i have to say thanx to everyone who gave their thoughts or opinions. GLOCK ON!