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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Brutane, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Brutane

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    Ok I know that this is totally an opinion thing but I have a question. I have made up my mind that my next gun purchase will be a Glock in .45 caliber. Now I already have a 19 and a 23 and I think I want a 30 but should I go with the 30 or 30SF? I don't have a place that has either of these models in stock so it would be a special order that I am pretty much locked into and I don't know which to order. I have handled the Gen4 21 and I almost bought that model since I already have the other two to use for concealed carry but I just know that once I start shooting the .45 caliber I will probably want to carry it too so the 30 might be better.

    Any and all opinions appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Blades

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    Since you have the G19 and G23 already I would say the G30sf.

  3. They are the same gun, different size grip. SF stands for small frame. The gen 4 Glocks without back straps are same size as gen 3 SF's, so the question is, which fits your hand better?
  4. sgtcowboyusmc

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    I would say find a place where you can rent both the SF and the standard 30. I have small hands but I love the G30.
  5. Ghost23

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    In my opinion, I would say go for the SF. You can never have too much of your hand on the gun.
  6. HenryinFlorida

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    I recently bought a gen 3 21SF, and let me tell you, there's plenty of gun for you to wrap your hand around. I think the SF is the way to go. Unless you have extremely big hands, I can't see where the G30 would fit better.
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  7. 10mil

    10mil Is That a .40....nope its a 10MM!

    sf here love the extra grip
  8. WickedYankee

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    I have a Glock 36 and use it for concealed carry. Single stack with only six rounds but even as a novice shooter it's easy to put em on law enforcement targets at the range. Surprised that it didn't jump around more for a .45. Very happy with it. May get the .357 barrel for it in the future to try it out. Have fun looking.
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    Hey Wicked Yankee! Welcome to the forum! Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum WickedYankee !!
  11. SHOOTER13

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    Oh...and I vote for the G30SF...carry one every day !
  12. gardan01

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    I concur with Shooter13. I never leave home without my 30SF with the 10rd mag inserted, plus one upstairs. I carry one 13rd magazine with me too.
  13. Jorgegonewild

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    I feel the same way I don't leave my house unless I have my glock 30 sf. I have big hands and it has a great feel to it

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  14. Dragonheart

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    If you have a G-19 then get a G-36 and put an extension on the magazine. It will feel like the G-19.
  15. I'm no expert with any automatic. I am a former deputy sheriff, and always carried a .357 S&W revolver. I got my Glock 30 a month ago. At first the grip seemed large, but I am more then used to it by now. My hands are not large, and my leather work gloves are a medium. I find that properly gripping it, the pad of my trigger finger fits dead center on the trigger, and allows me to roll the trigger quite nicely, even combat shooting. Sure seems like a bastard child though, when you look for holsters, and accessories.
  16. Ghost23

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for serving!
  17. jakedrennan45

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    I have a glock 21 which I absolutely love but it's way too big to conceal. I'm planning on applying for a permit fairly soon and was considering a g27 because it's a slimmer frame than the g30 but the guy who said to get the g36 and add a mag extension basically changed my mind almost instantly. I prefer .45 and with the slimmer g36 having more capacity that will be perfect. Thanks for that tip.
  18. keyspike

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    I wear the 36 with either a Parker IWB holster when carrying, a Fobus at the range or MIC when I use my Maxpedition. The gun is a dream. You just have to find a comfortable way to carry it.
  19. redneckryan

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    I just got the g30 sf and its a bulldog!! fits great, shoots even better!
  20. Blades

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    Have more capacity then what? The G36 only holds six in the magazine, seven with an extension.