.45, 10mm, or 357 Sig

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    I currently own a Glock 21 which is a great gun for home defence, but it is a little on the big side for concealed carry. I am looking to get a sub compact and am trying to decided between a 10mm or a 357 sig. I like that idea of a 10mm just because it is a kick ass round. My local Sheriff's department just traded all of their Glock 40s in and went with Glock 357 Sig. I like the idea of that because it mimics the 357 mag 125 grn hollowpoint which is supposed to be the most effective round available for one shot stops. If I get a subcompact 45 it will take the magazine out of my model 21 which is nice. Too many options for my weak mind. What do ya'll think?

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    honestly IMO it comes down to what you ate most comfortable with. but I do love a 45 haha

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    Don't mean to be a downer, but when I'm shopping for a new piece, worse case scenerio enters into the decision. What I mean by that is if the SHTF, will I be able to find ammo. I fully expect to get flamed by the true believers, but IMHO, the 10mm and especially the .357sig are wildcats. Your chances of finding either in tough times are slim at best. On the other hand, even though it's been out of regular military service since '85, there are a lot of .45's and ammo still around. In your shoes, I'd opt for the .45acp.
  4. Unless i handloaded, i would stay away from the .357 simply for basis economics and ammo availability.

    I had a similar dilemma, as I wanted a new pistol and was torn between a 10mm and .45 but have decided to go with the .45 for one reason...I can buy a KKM 10mm conversion barrel ($165) for the .45 but cannot go the other way.

    The flatter shooting 10mm will be mainly for hog hunting, while the more economical .45 will serve for personal defense and most practice.

    As far as a SHTF scenario, while not much of a believer, that is why I have several 9mm, .22, 5.56, and 12 gauges and lots of ammo for each.
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    +1 on the G30sf, and conversion barrel. Good idea.
  6. . Steve, imo, if you already have G21 for home defense, which is a great choice, you might want to take a look a the G36 for C&C. It's a single stack 6+1 .45 Auto. Very thin and concealable! The 10mm and .357 Sig are awesome as well if you're not an avid shooter, cause they can be a little pricey and sometimes hard to find locally. At least where I live. Imo, there's no need for a second caliber. If u prefer the .45, I would stay with it. I prefer the 9x19. It's versital, inexpensive and can get the job done as long as the carry ammo is a premium HP. In closing, the G21 mag will not fit the G36, but will fit the G30, which is the 10+1 compact model. Hope this helps! Best regards!
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    These other guys are dead on. I jumped on the .357 sig bandwagon when they came out for great penetration on cars. Texas DPS went with it and their tests were pretty impressive. After saying that and owning G31 and G33 can tell you recoil is pretty stout. Ammo is a pain trying to find especially for a good price. To me G21 is the ultimate just a little hard to conceal. .45 will do just about all you need a round to do and the 10mm conversion stated earlier would take care of everything else.
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    Having a .45, getting another one makes sense.

    That said, 10mm is an awesome round. However, if you want to carry it, using a conversion barrel is not the way to go. Different extractors and ejectors between the 10mm and .45, just as other conversions from large diameter to smaller calibers, can be unreliable and you never want your life hanging on anything that could be unreliable.

    As far as finding ammo in a post SHTF situation, two things. First, all of the people out there looking for 9mm & .45ACP are going to suck up all of the available ammo. They aren't going to be looking for the "less popular" calibers, which means more for the rest of us. Second, while 10mm can be more difficult to find in the average store, .357Sig has gained enough traction as a duty round that it's much more available; at least in those areas where it's being used as a duty round. Similarly, .45GAP is more available in states where it's a State Police round than it is in states where it is not.

    Both calibers are readily available online and at prices comparable to other calibers.
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    all of the above.

    I load all three so they are not pricey and I have a lot of ammo on hand. They all work very well. They are just different.
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    G30, G30, G30! Best Gun Glock makes! I like my G30's better than my G21's! Same ammo, same Mags and most G21 holsters work for a G30. G 30 shoots great! My Favorite Gun! Goes everywhere with me!