43x getting rounds through for carry.

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    Perfect size, fits my hand perfectly. Feels like an extension. Shoots amazing. Hackathorn sights, ghost edge trigger bar with vickers shoe. 4.5 lbs trigger. Feels even lighter because it’s smooth, no grit. Much better break and cut down on take up without taking away too much.

    Forgot I posted below, oh well it’s been updated since then.



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    Looks great. Does not having any rear indicators on your sight affect your quickdraw? I know everyone is different, just wanted your input.

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    I think they are much better, ymmv.

    Ken Hackathorn designed them for self defense and carry FOR quick acquisition. I agree, I like focusing on the front sight and the big ring is a plus.

    Before these I preferred xs big dots with black rear. These came out and i like them better.

    put black tape over the markings on the rear sight and try it to see what you think. Concentrate less on lining up both sights snd more on just putting the front on the target. In MY opinion quicker and it just falls in place. Ymmv.

    This guy talks more about them here.

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    The sight picture shown below is very common for competition pistols (including mine).



    Target acquisition is simple and fast.

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