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    Hi, I'm just wondering what's the big difference between the two. My uncle has always told me get .40 but never really said why beside that that's what police and military use so there's always bullets for them. I have the g23 and I like it but always seem to look at that big boy .45 so I rented one from the range and there wasn't that big of a feel in the two. Just like to know everyone's opinion.

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    You're right: the difference is subtle and not especially significant once you get used to either or both. Felt recoil is a perceived measure, meaning it's a little different for everyone but most shooters tend to agree the .40 is snappier (more muzzle flip) because of its hotter load.

    .40: Greater velocity + smaller grain = faster, farther bullet

    .45: Bigger, slower, fatter = more tissue damage

    But as I've mentioned, these are subtle differences. Both will do what we want them to do in nearly every practical application of self- or home-defense. (.40 will do plenty significant tissue damage, and .45 will travel fast and far enough for most humans.) The technical debate is mostly academic, and few of us shoot in a vacuum.

    I shoot .45 because I like the way it feels. Again, as you've noted, it's only a slight difference. And again, that's personal preference. I wouldn't want to be shot by either caliber.

    Ammo cost is the real significance.
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    Prior to 1990 every Gun magazine would have 9mm vs. 45acp articles monthly. After the FBI 10mm adoption and subsequent dropping the .40s&w was born. Finally answering the 9/.45 debate but starting the .40 vs. .45 debate. The .40 gives you a nice sized round at a decent velocity along with good magazine capacity in a 9mm sized weapon. Hence it's popularity in American law enforcement. With the steady development in bullet design even smaller calibers are considered more effective and viable for self defense. I like the Glock 21 and have 2 but I also have 3 other Glocks that I would feel just as protected with. Run what you like and shoot best.
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    40sw is a solution to a problem that never existed
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    D'oh, you beat me to it!!!

    Oh, and the millitary doesn't use 40. Don't know where your uncle got that info.
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    It's a matter of opinion..... and preference.
    I never liked the .40. For me is .45acp and/or 9mm.
    That's my opinion and what I prefer. :)
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    I don't get the whole deal? I have a 9 a .40 and a.45 I love shooting them all and they all have a purpose. They are all fun guns to me.
  8. Personally, I'd go 45acp all day, every day. If you want more capacity then go 9x19mm and feed it high quality HP ammo. JMHO, YMMV.

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    To me its like blondes vs brunettes .... which is better? They both have their own advantages. You just have to decide for yourself. Ive tried to like the. 40 but never really caught on to it. I like 9mm because its fun and cheap. I like .45 because its big and fun to shoot. The .40 was just never fun to shoot for me. Cant really say anymore than that. Just my opinion. Buy and shoot whatever puts a smile on your face. Become efficient with what ever weapon you choose. Practice as much as you can and enjoy it.
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    I don't get it?
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    I have to agree with everything that has been said her, spot on advice. I have both the 9mm and the 40 S&W. My EDC is a Glock 26 or G27, depending on the day. You can't go wrong with either caliber.

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    If it goes bang, I love it.
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    You forgot about redheads.
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    Glad to see there are other Jeff Cooper Fans out there! One of my Favorite quotes from him!

    For my money and to protect my Family it will be a 45 ACP. With 230 gr Hydra-Shoks it has a 96% one shot stops! Only the 125 gr 357 Mag matches that!
  18. Cooper did say that, but he was also instrumental in the development of the 10MM cartridge. When the FBI balked at the 10MM recoil, S&W was quick to shorten the cartridge, but when they were trying to get pistols out for the new cartridge, Glock beat them to the punch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.40_S&W

    I own all three, and my carry gun is a Glock 23. I recently bought a G21 and it is great to shoot. I have it loaded with Fed Hydrashocks for home defense, but if I hear a window break in the wee hours of the night, I'm grabbing my Mossy 500 with buckshot and my G23 with Golden Sabers.
  19. Also, just to add to the thread. I cast my own bullets and handload my own ammo. If push comes to shove and I have to use one of my handloads to defend my life I know that a 230gr Truncated Cone will be more effective then something of smaller caliber. No need for "magic" bullets with a 45acp, they're already pretty decent size as is.

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    Just curious: for you, why the .40 for HD?