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  1. FedCop

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    Where is the best place to find .40 FMJ target ammo. The best place I have found so far is Walmart (100 rounds for $25).
  2. G19C

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    Thats a pretty good price for 100 rds. I usually pick up a box of 50 and I think its $12-14 and thats for a box of 50...

  3. glock40sw

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    don't know where in va you live, but if in/near richmond, try greentop, and southern gun world. both are usually low price, and have great staff. southern also has great deals on surplus police guns for sale at really good prices. greentop on washington highway- rt 1just north of richmond proper
  4. That same box of 100 rd ammo (Winchester?) is $39.95 at our (3) wally world stores ($59.99 at Gander Mountain & Scheels for the same box).
    Your tax rates must be low. Lucky you.
    We used to be able to buy the Federal brand at $13.97 a box- last year. It jumped to $16.97 overnight and hasen't gone down since.:mad:
    Does wally world also have the 6 boxes-of-ammo-per-person daily limit in your state also?
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    I have used sgammo, they have some good prices and shipping is good too, I bought some Winchester Ranger 180Gr. FMJ and love em. Very
    accurate and recoil was less than some I have shot before.

  6. 40caljim

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    Target ammo

    I get my target ammo from a place in Arkansas called Bulletworks. They have USPSA loaded ammo as well as other ammo at unbelievable prices.
    I just got 1,000 rounds of .40 cal 180gr FMJ for $240, thats $12/box. It meets USPSA major power factor if you use it for competition, but if not its still a great price for ammo. The website is www.thebulletworks.net.
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