40 S&W Winchester Ranger Ammo

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  1. When it comes to this ammo I havent found 1 negative comment about this ammo. I did my home work on it and everything I read praised the ammo.

    This was a real good video


    Now, when I ordered this ammo, the pics of the box said nothing about it being T series. I figured that is was the same thing since I didnt find anything to suggest that the ammo wasnt. I wasnt untill today when I got my order in for some more of the ammo that I found that there is in fact a difference.
    This is the best pic I could take.


    Now ^^^ can you guess which one is the T Series ammo?
    Thats right the one of the left.
    Now for those of you that already knew this. Let me start off by saying I HATE YOU:D. No, if you did I wish you would have told me. So FYI for anyone who is looking into this ammo there are 2 different types of Ranger ammo and be sure to ask which kind you are getting.
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    Just curious but what's the difference? Visually I can see the one on the right appears to be like what I carry

  3. Besides the bigger cavity i'm not sure.
    I know the one on the left is the one tested in that video. I cant find any information on the round sitting on the right.
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    Holy crap, that ammo is nasty. I may have to go get some!
  5. Yes, yes it is.