3rd Gen 19 and 20

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by Mr_Apache, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Mr_Apache

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    Hi guys i'm new here. Just signed up today! :D

    Thought I would share my new Glocks, just got the 19 on Monday and will take it out to the range tomorrow with it's bigger brother the 20sf. I'm new to Glocks and here so I look forward to some good reading and info from all you guys and gals. :)

  2. iGlock

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    Welcome to glock forum!

  3. iRockGlock

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    That 20 looks sweet!
  4. Welcome to the 19 brotherhood!
  5. Mr_Apache

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    Thanks guys :)

    I got to shoot my 3rd Gen 19 that I just got on Monday today. It has the 336 ejector that some claim has been causing problems.

    50rnds S&B 115gr
    30rnds Federal 115gr
    30rnds WWB 115gr
    47rnds of Amercan 115gr.

    Zero problems! It ate all the ammo with no problems at all. Was a little erratic at first with shells going anywhere from the 2:00 to the 4:00 after the first 30rnds it was more consistent at the 4:00. I never got hit in the face or had any FTF or FTE. I'm very pleased with my G19!
  6. Glock8856

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    My G19 Gen4 have been great with me since got it last November. Fired over 500 rounds, with different round from HST LAWE, Hydro-Shock, Remington, Federal, etc...

    Great Gun...