380 Pocket Pistols

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  1. 50cal pocket pistol

    50cal pocket pistol New Member

    Im looking at getting a 380 pocket pistol and am wandering what everyone else has and which ones are the best.

  2. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    I used the Walther PPKS .380 as my pocket back up. I can't say enough about this fine little semi auto.

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  3. I have a PPK/S. It is a great gun and would be an excellent backup. However, it's a little bulky and heavy, in my opinion, to sick in a pocket. Still, if you have to right pockets, it would be a great choice.
  4. Ruger LCP 380

    My choice and recommendation would be The Ruger LCP 380... Got one for my son as well for his off duty pocket pistol, although as we all know you're never really "Off Duty" when you are a Police Officer!
  5. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    anybody ever shoot the GLOCK 380 ????
    a G28
  6. 50cal pocket pistol

    50cal pocket pistol New Member

    The g28 is the same size as the 26 and 27 im lookin for a smaller pocket pistol.
  7. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    Sig P238 is my favorite .380 of all I've shot
  8. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    your not gonna get your hands on a G28 anyway........

    alot of guys at work are getting these Ruger 380's that have the laser deal from the factory, they seem pretty nice.
  9. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Ruger LCP

    My summertime carry is a Ruger LCP .380. I love the trigger pull. Stacks up and breaks clean like my old S&W 686. Will take about 100 rds. to break in your grouping. It'll take you that long to get used to the sites, too. I hold my front site proud of the rear sites and can do a 4" group at 25 yds. The final touch was some neon pink nail polish on the front site. I've run about 450 rds. through the gun without a bobble.

    As for the concealed issue, my LCP in a neoprene pocket holster, fits perfectly in my Wrangler or Levi jeans and the top of the pocket closes completely over the gun. When I go to an ATM, I take my cash and fold it in behind that holster. Just in case I end up being asked to "give it up". Of course it would be my pleasure:).

    Although it's built like a tank (like your usual Ruger) it is very light. I wear it when I drive from NJ to FL and I never feel the weight of it during the whole trip. Just be concious of it if you got to "drop 'em" in a rest area or you might cause a little consternation amongst the snowbirds, though.:eek:

    Downside...no lock back on an empty mag and if you don't have fingernails, you'll need a knife tip or a small bladed screwdriver to get the slide lock pin out.

    Hickok45 over on YouTube has a demo vid on the LCP.
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  10. 50cal pocket pistol

    50cal pocket pistol New Member

    The ruger lcp is the one I have been considering but I like to get reviews on all my options. Have you ever seen the billfold holster?
  11. Bersa Thunder .380

    I have a Bersa Thunder .380cc Not one single FTF, stove pipe, or failure, ever. Over 2,000 rounds threw it. I CC it when I don't want to print at all. I belly band it, and use Powerball ammo. :)


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  12. I was going to say the same thing. The Kahr P380 is a really nice piece!
  13. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Well-Known Member

    I've tried a Ruger LCR and DB380. Both are pretty fiesty. The sights are rudimentary on the LCR. They're better on a DB380. I do not know how the 380s are these days from diamond back, though. My DB9 had some issues but I'm still waiting. People love it or hate it.

    The Sig P238 is the best 380 I've ever shot. I saw an ad for a Colt Mustang 380 showing it has been released again. May be worth trying.
  14. Chicagobears4life

    Chicagobears4life New Member

    I agree with Jimbo- I love my Bersa .380 Duotone!! Very very accurate, easy to break down and clean. Definitely worth looking into
  15. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    I've shot the LCP, I chose the TCP (Taurus PT-738) because it locks open on an empty magazine. LCP does not; P3AT doesn't have a slide stop.

    Downside is that fitted holsters are lacking at this point. It's just different enough from the LCP and P3AT that fitted holsters won't work. Universal holsters work just fine - I have a Nemesis pocket holster, Uncle Mike's ankle holster, (and a couple homebrew kydex holsters).

    Only problem I've had with either LCP or TCP is that Critical Defense ammunition is a hair longer than spec due to the soft point protruding slightly. Ejecting unfired rounds, occasionally one will jam. No problem with fired rounds. Solution was to razor off the protrusion that is present on some rounds.
  16. Angry_Dave

    Angry_Dave is being censored

    I've had the chance to shoot the
    Kel-tec p3at
    Ruger lcp
    Taurus tcp
    Sig p238

    And the sig IMO is the best out of what I have shot and it is currently in my pocket but the ruger is also a pretty good little gun as well. I would stick with the sig or ruger.

  17. jelder

    jelder New Member

    Get you a smith & Wesson bodyguard. By far the best pocket pistol I've ever laid my hands on. Try one out! You will not b let down
  18. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yeah, I'd prefer my LCP would lock back, but I went with it because it was the only one that when in my pocket, the lip would close completely concealing the weapon. Unfortunately, the TCP was just a tad too long.