336 extractor?

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    I own a gen 3 17, it has the 336 extractor in it and occasionaly it will eject casings at my face or all the way to the left side. I have read about gen 4 guns with these issues and this extractor. Do I need the updated gen 4 pieces for my gen 3?
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    I sent my G17 Gen4 to Glock because I was getting hit in the face with the spent casings. One even went down my wife's shirt and left a burn mark. But anyway it took them about 2 weeks to repair. The ejector was replaced with the new style one, number 30274 and they did fire it cause I sent it to them cleaned and could tell it was fired. They were really nice and helpful over then phone, like always. Went to the range about two weeks ago with no problems, even with one of my friends that has never shot before, casing were flying to the right like it should.

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    The part marked 336 is the ejector. If you're getting erratic ejection with multiple types of ammo, you should upgrade to the 30274 ejector. You can find a local Glock Armorer to do it for you or you can call Glock. When you call Glock, they'll tell you to find a local Armorer, if you can't you should tell them that and ask for a prepaid shipping label to send it back to them and have them install it.

    In some rare cases the erratic ejection continued with the new ejector. If this happens, it means the extractor doesn't move freely enough and needs to be replaced.
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    Thanks guys! I thought "extractor" was the wrong terminoligy. My father in law is a Glock armorer, he has been out of town and I have not got to discuss this issue with him! When he gets back I will get the new "ejector" installed and re-assess the performance of the ejections. The gun is only 2 months old and has ate 1000 rounds!!
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    Yea...let us know how you make out !