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    I bought a brand new gen 3 G19 last week (I haven't had time to get to the range yet) and I noticed the ejector number is 336. Some people have told me there is a problem with this certain ejector. Has anybody heard anything about this?
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    It was a Gen 4 issue. Fire it. If it works fine you're ok :D

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    Thanks. I finally have off on Sunday and I am going to toss some serious lead :)
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    There's nothing wrong with that ejector. Some recent production Glocks, Gen3 and Gen4 9/40/357, have had a problem with erratic ejection caused by the extractor not firmly holding the rim of the spent casing to the breech face. It can be caused by an out-of-spec extractor which can simply be replaced, but in some cases using an extractor known to work properly in another gun doesn't fix the problem. I had a Gen3 G27 that had the problem, replacing the extractor with one known to work properly didn't fix it. From what I can tell, Glock machined the slide incorrectly, the cut-out which holds the extractor is positioned too far forward, and the forward portion of the cut-out wasn't cut deep enough into the slide. Using the new .40 28926 ejector fixed the problem.

    The new ejectors, 30274 for 9mm and 28926 for .40/.357, change the ejection enough to fix the problem by raising the case mouth of the spent casing higher to better clear the ejection port.

    If your gun doesn't have the ejection problem, you don't need the new ejector.

    The newest Gen4 trigger housings sold by Glock, part numbers 30275 for 9mm and 28927 for .40/.357, will have the new ejectors in them and it should only be a matter of time before retailers get them in stock. If you want to use the new ejector in a Gen3, it's a simple matter to take the ejector out of the Gen4 trigger housing and put it into a Gen3 trigger housing.

    For a short time Glock was using the new ejectors in Warranty cases to fix the ejection problem in Gen3's, they have recently stopped doing that and all they'll do now is replace the extractor and tell you to stop limpwristing. Gen3's come from the factory with the old ejectors, 336 for 9mm and 1882 for .40/.357. Gen4's with a test-fire date after 10/10/2011 will have the new ejector installed in them from the factory.
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    Well I bought a new gen 3 19 nickel boron coated this past Sunday. Took it to the range and it sucked! Brass to the face, mass stove piping, etc. I called glock and they said ship it, that the ejector 30274 will fix it. I read the extractor sits too high in the frame causing the erratic behavior on discharge. The replacement 30274 will sit higher to eject correctly. The limp wrist bs is not true. I have gen 3 23 and 26 and never had issues. I called my gun shop and they are paying and shipping it to glock for me! Great customer service or maybe since I bought three guns from them in 9 months! Anyway, will see what glock does to it and I'll give a range report when I get it back! Peace
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    Hopefully Glock will install the 30274 ejector. In many recent cases with Gen3's, they haven't installed the new ejector. They have installed them in Gen3's in the past but recently they seem very reluctant to do so. The new ejectors work just as well in Gen3's as they do in Gen4's, one of them fixed the ejection problem in my Gen3 G27, I don't know why Glock hasn't standardized both Gen's on the new ejectors yet.

    If they don't install the 30274 ejector, you can get a Gen4 trigger housing w/30274 ejector from MidwayUSA.com or glockparts.com, both of those retailers have been confirmed to have the new version w/30274 ejector, the other retailers presumably have the old version w/336 ejector. You'll need to remove the Gen3 trigger housing from the frame, remove the ejectors from both the Gen3 and Gen4 trigger housings, then insert the 30274 ejector into the Gen3 trigger housing so you can use it in your Gen3 gun.

    If you continue to experience erratic ejection with the 30274 ejector, it likely means that the extractor in the slide doesn't move freely enough and I'd try replacing it. You could try another OEM Glock 9mm LCI extractor but you may just end up with another one that doesn't move freely enough. I'd try a LoneWolf-brand 9mm LCI extractor, product code LWD-1895.
  7. Dude.....you must have all that saved on a word document. I would and did get tired of typing the same stuff over and over. But as long as you're willing to do it, post on.:)
  8. Well considering the Nickel Boron/Nib x/Exo coatings are third party and not directly Glock there could be an issue with that. I've read one instance of issues where a Boron coated slide didn't work well with a LW barrel because of tolerance issues.

    Limp wristing is in fact an issue with some folks.....mainly new shooters or new Glock owners.

    Sorry but the 30274 ejector does not sit higher nor does the extractor sit higher in the slide, I have multiples of both 336 and 30274 in different weapons and spares laying around. The 30274 is shaped completely different but does NOT sit higher. The change between the two is the shape on the nose of it. Don't know where you got that from.

    These are from one of my Gen4 19's before and after....


    If anything the 336 sits "higher" on the tip of it.
  9. Please do us all a favor and go put a few hundred rounds down the pipe first.:cool: Being a Gen3, more than likely you won't experience any issues.