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  1. This is the only site I trust to ask about guns, I am going to build a AR 300 Black out with silencer. Any suggestions to keep it short, quiet, light and functional?:thankyou:
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    I started with an AAC 9" 300 blk rifle and AAC 762SDN6 suppressor. Using Gemtech 187gr subsonic ammo, this thing is quiet!!!!!

    It's okay for me to shoot behind it with no ears. It's really quiet to those next to me. It's louder for me since I am behind the gun, but walk a few steps away and it is quiet.

    I've since switched to a 8.5" Hardened Arms upper I got on sale (I wanted it even shorter) and this thing works like a champ! It's got a 12" handguard on it so the suppressor is mostly inside it.

    (it's the one on the right, the one on the left is my 5.56 10.5" SBR with the Specwar 556 suppressor, the one in the middle is a NEW!! never issued Vietnam-era M16)


    Here's it is with a 10" handguard, I like the 12 better:

    I am running an H2 buffer and I have had no issues with supersonic or subsonic ammo. Suppressed and unsuppressed. Through both uppers. This thing runs like a champ. I also ran 20 rounds subsonic suppressed full auto with no issues.

    This is the AAC upper.

    both the AAC and Hardened Arms uppers are pistol length gas setups.

    I had a 10.5" PSA upper first, but I ended up selling it when I got the AAC.

  3. I really like the collection. I'm taking your suggestion on the 10.5" and looking at the Ghost M silencer. Two tax stamps for me but what I want. Do you have any input on the new 300 blackout IWI Tavor X95? I really like the 556 with Gemtech G5.
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    Check out www.300blktalk.com
    Very good forum for the topic. Lots of good people that know just about anything u want to know about the caliber.
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    Pistol gas is optimal, but since u want a short barrel, it should definitely have that.
    As far as it being light, it kinda depends on what you put on it. I usually build all mine so I can make them the way I want.
    As long as u have a decent suppressor, and shoot subs, it will be quiet. The bolt cycling is literally louder than the shot.