30 or 36?

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  1. Caseyglock19

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    Im looking for another glock for cc. I already have a 17 for range shooting, a 19 for concealed carry and I am torn between the 30 or the 36 for cc on my ankle. Any thoughts?
  2. ChromeDome

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    I've been carrying my G19 on my ankle for about two months. Today I tried on my new G26. I'll be carrying that from now on. That couple of ounces makes all the difference. The G19 may seem pretty light on the hip, but strapped to my ankle... after so long it can get heavy. I could only imagine what a G30 would feel like. I think I would be walking in circles.:D Seriously though, you'll want to wear what feels right for you. Just remember those .45's are kinda beefy. The G36 might be a good choice if your set on that caliber.
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  3. ash1012

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    I am also torn between these two. Im leaning more towards the 30 for more mag capacity and the ability to use the 21 mags in it. It just seems to have more accessories for it. But it might be a little heavy for ankle carry.
  4. scrubber3

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    I have a 30 and I can tell you that ankle carry would be difficult but not impossible if you are determined enough. The 36 is a bit slimmer and weighs less. Although I might reason to say that the main cause for this is less ammo capacity. As stated earlier, the 36 is basically not compatible with magazines of other .45 cal models so that will be a compromise in itself along with the limited capacity. I have both the 30 and the 19 and I'd carry the 19 on my ankle before the 30 because of the weight/ thickness differential..

    It'd be a whole lot easier to ankle carry the 36 by a long shot. IMHO of course.
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  5. flightmedic76

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    Just ordered my blue label 36 today...let the long wait begin
  6. Webphisher

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    I choose the 30. Theres a few threads back on this topic but I'll sum them up.

    The 30 has a ton more accessories easily gotten, the 21 mags fit, and you lose 4 rounds to gain 4mm on the width. I'd never trade my 30 for a 36, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't own a 36 :D
  7. Djstudter702

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    I'd have to pretty much agree with Webphiser. The 36 might be a bit lighter, but don't forget about the extra rounds with the 30. You can even opt for the 30sf, thats what i purchased for cc. The 36 is nice and slimmer, but has lack of parts and compatability with the other .45 models. Good luck on whatever you choose. Caseyglock19.
  8. If your primary reson for getting either a G30 or G36 is to carry on the ankle as a BUG and must pick between only the 36 and 30, the 36 is the way to go. Less capacity and no compatibility with other Glock 45's, but a lot lighter/slimmer/smaller than a G30.

    I had entertained the idea of using a G30 as an ankle carry during the winter months before buying one, but that wasn't the main purpose for it for me, it was more of a 'it would be a nice bonus if I could...' thing. Ater buying it, I quickly determined that it will not work for me as an ankle carry. Just a little too big, and quite a bit heavier when loaded than I thought it'd be. But I still love the G30 because it fits my primary reason for getting it: it conceals extremely well for me to use as a primary carry IWB, and it is also really really FUN to take to the range and is incredibly accurate!

    Bottom line, make darn sure whichever firearm you do get, that it *will* meet at least the primary purpose for why you are buying the firearm in the first place. Because if you don't and find out that what you bought doesn't fit the bill, you will never be truly happy with the firearm and will likely trade it in or sell it at a loss. Not that I've ever personally made such a mistake :rolleyes:

    If you were to ask 'what suggestions would you make as candidates for an ankle BUG', I'd not suggest either the G30 or G36 but rather along the lines of those pocket 380's or pocket 9mm's. Personally I don't much like the 380, but strictly in a BUG role? I like the idea of a pocket 380 or 9mm a lot.
  9. Caseyglock19

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    I am torn. Maybe a 26. I have shot the 30,36 and the 26. They are all great. Any one of those glocks would be great. I would have to get the extended mag because I lost my ring finger on my right hand and have a rod through my pinky. Gripping those smaller frames is very tricky. I think I will go to my local range and rent all three and just play jazz with them :)
  10. Tillerman

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    Go for the Glock 30sf