3 year old shoots dad

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  1. disturbedjosh

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    Although the report doesn't specify, the firearm was a glock.

    Salem, IN-- State Police are investigating the shooting death of a man by a three year-old.

    Just before 10 p.m. Friday, troopers responded to a 911 call at 3603 West Vincennes Trail in Salem, IN.

    When troopers arrived, they found Michael A. Bayless, 33, of Martinsville, who had been shot.

    The preliminary investigation revealed Bayless was at the home with his wife and three children, doing remodeling work, when a 3-year-old picked up a loaded handgun, accidentally discharging the weapon. Bayless was pronounced dead at the scene. The case remains under investigation.
  2. iGlock

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    Wow...why would there be a loaded gun lying around?!

  3. louiespagouie

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    Think they said it was fairly recent purchased ccw weapon and that he took it off while watching t.v. with his two other children and left it laying loaded. Sad story but plain negligence.
  4. NvRBanArms

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    Right?!? The wife shot him and said it was the kid. My opinion.
  5. Tape

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    mommy made him do it
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    How do you know the gun was a Glock? The most I've heard is that it was a .45 cal. and Wave 3 is our local NBC affiliate. They are quoted in the full story link posted. Without facts I would've believed it was a 1911.
  7. AF1Sgt

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    I think it was suicide. I'm remodeling my new house now with wife and 3 kids and it's stressful as fiznuck!
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    How tragic, why leave a loaded gun around children....WHY:mad: