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  1. Caseyglock19

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    Does anybody use the 3.5 trigger for concealed carry? My birthday is tomorrow and my girl have me $400 to spend on gun stuff.
  2. fls348

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    There's plenty that do and are perfectly comfortable with it.

    I myself don't for reasons that go against the grain of what most perceive as true.

  3. Caseyglock19

    Caseyglock19 New Member

    Care to share or send me a pm?
  4. fls348

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    Being a LEO, I have been shot at and have shot back...

    When SHTF, I can assure you you'll never feel the difference between a 5.5# or a 3.5# pull. I carried a 3.5# in my on and off duty Glock's for a long time and now I have grown a bit wiser.

    The most important thing is training, and I don't mean a trip to the range. Practice dry-firing, it's free, and a GREAT tool. Practice drawing from your holster that you'll use dressing like you'd dress. Start slow speed will come with time.

    3.5# triggers are fine, and if one trains enough I'm sure it's perfectly fine. However, I know first hand what goes through your head during a SHTF scenario.

    I shoot from the "reset" on my Glock, this is how I've trained for a very long time so it's second nature to me. The upside to a 3.5# is a lighter trigger pull. The down side, regardless of what you do, it's going to get the trigger a little mushy and will soften the feel for the reset.

    My personal guns are set up like this;
    Olive NY trigger w/ spring removed
    3.5# connector
    This combination gives about a 5# to 6# pull but a VERY good crisp break and a VERY firm reset.

    If I'm bullseye shooting, that set up isn't the best. The slightly heavier trigger isn't the greatest idea for "bullseye target shooting". However, in my opinion it is the best set up I've ever used for combat / self defense. I've tried every combination you could imagine in my guns, this works best for me. I'm not at all trying to sell you on this idea as it's just my opinion. I will be the first to admit, when I first tried this set up I HATED it. I told myself I'd try it exclusively for 500 rounds and then decide, I'm glad I did.

    Any questions please feel free to ask.......
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  5. First off, You have an amazing girlfriend! Don't forget to pick up lots and lots of ammo!

    I still have the stock trigger on my concealed. I've done paper shooting and timed steel shooting and have gotten use to it just the way it is.

    I know it doesnt really answer the original question but if I may suggest, You should pick up night sights and/or extended mag/slide releases. Maybe even a new holster.
  6. GlockGen4

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    I've carried for close to a year now and I after the first month or so I switched to the ghost 3.5 connector with spring,which I love. The 5.5 lb pull felt almost cheap to me(personal preference)on the glock. Many guns have many different features and all act accordingly. For $22 bucks its not a hassle to try out,its a easy switch and there is always a trigger job to make things smoother.
  7. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    For my defense weapons I leave the standard trigger in. The G34 has a 1lb lighter trigger pull and I might drop that to a 3.5 but thats competition shooting only.
  8. Yep exactly.
  9. I run 2.5-3# in my g27 and have for all my Glocks. It's what I started with and have lots of practice down range with so I don't want to have to either relearn or need to use it and have any difference in what I've trained myself with.

    Plus. Whew momma does it feel nice. I agree with previous posters. The factory 5.5 felt cheap and un-smooth t me.

    The recoil blends itself nicely with a 2.5 ish pull on a G27 coupled with a mag extension to plant the floating pinky.
  10. n8vyc

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    I put a Glockworx trigger system in my G36. It is about 5.5 but very crisp and the reset is clean. You can also adjust the length both ways but have not messed with it yet. I have improved my groups and I am getting use to it. Like with any gun you need to practice with it a lot!! I had put the 3.5 firing pin spring in it but I did not like the light reset feel which is as important as trigger pull. Glockworx makes a very good trigger system!
  11. Glocksrgood

    Glocksrgood New Member

    I have the LS safety plunger & spring, 6# trigger spring, LWD 3.5 connector, and .25c polished and honed. Honestly, I liked my trigger pull more with the stock connector because it had a crisp break. The LWD 3.5 is the last thing I added and I'd say that although the pull is slightly less, it feels a bit spongy to me. After all that I've done to my G22 as far as trigger work, it feels just like my Fiance's XD40. I think I'd like my trigger a lot more once I get rid of that nasty pre-travel.