26 or 36?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by Dan75719, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Dan75719

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    Can't decide on my next one. If you had to pick one would it be the 26 or the 36? I have held them both, shot them, and love both of them. I have a 19 so I like the idea of being able to put my 19 magazine into a 26, but that is not too important to me. It will be for carry and range. What is everyone's opinion?
  2. Lucian_253

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    Definitely the 26 if you have the 19. Part of the reason I love Glock is the double stack magazines. I just bought the 30sf, I held the 36 and 30sf side by side and decided, more rounds = better. Have you considered the 27? I have a gen.3 27, with a factory 33 barrel to make it shoot .357 sig, and you can buy conversion barrels to make the 27 shoot 9mm. I don't think I would trust my life to a conversion barrel, but it is an option.

  3. The 19 really isn't that much larger then the 26 so it'd be somewhat redundant getting the 26. Now if ya' had a 17 then I'd say go for the 26 but you've split the difference with the 19 so you really don't need a 26 or 17.
    As for the 36, 6+1 seems somewhat lacking and it's a "special" Glock so most of the "normal" parts won't fit it like they will the G30. I'd give the G30 or G30sf a look. Either will carry as easily as your G19 and you'll have 10+1(or 13+1 with full size G21 mags) of 45acp goodness.
    Yep, check out a G30(sf) first before you totally make up your mind. That's my vote.
  4. CCSir

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    If all you have to choose from is either a 26 or 36 then I'd go with the 26, but only for the ability to carry more rounds. I Love the .45 ACP as it is the most powerful subsonic round, but only having 6+1 to me is a little lacking. I'm sure I'l catch some slack from a 1911 lover somewhere but I'm a sucker for a double stack mag.

    I'd rather look at a G30 in any variant and be able to reload with a G21 mag if needed.

    .......but I have both the 30 and the 26.
  5. CDR_Glock

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    I have the 23/27/30/36

    You and I know you'll end up with 3 Glocks so get what you need. The G26 is perfectly complementary to the 19. Your 19 magazines will fit, you don't need different ammo and you can use the same accessories (E.g. Holster).

    The G36 is a great pistol. It is only 6+1. It is the same width as a 23/26/27. It's no pocket carry gun. It's great for summer carry.

    The G30 is an excellent 45 ACP. It is the most reliable 45 ACP you can shoot right out of the box. It's thick and heavy when loaded 10+1.
  6. dingnyc

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    Glock 36 - fits my hand perfectly and shoots fat .45 bullets :) Glock 19 - my "winter" gun even though there's no such thing here in Florida :)
  7. HenryinFlorida

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    I have a G36 but have just ordered a G26. With the +p and +p+ 9mm ammo available you can get the same simular stopping power as a 45acp. The extra rounds is what's having me lean towards the G26.
  8. ZombieNinja

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    9mm might expand.
    .45 won't shrink.
    Don't get me wrong, love my G19. Put lots of love and trigger time into it. Definitely my battle choice. But there's just something about the .45 that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Besides its good to add a different caliber Glock to the family. 9, .45 and .22LR are the only pistol calibers we keep round here. Mosquito and Marlin 60 and a 10/22 FYI.
  9. Blades

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    I vote G36, you can always carry your G19 as "back-up" if you need more bullets. :D
  10. Blaze

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    26,26,26,26,26,26,26,26, Or a 30 lol
  11. n8vyc

    n8vyc New Member

    I got a 36 but I am selling it on gun broker web site.
  12. gunsmithie23

    gunsmithie23 New Member

    Can I ask why? I'm looking at getting one
  13. The "problem" with the G36 is that it's kind of the "odd ball" of the Glock family of handguns. Pins are shorter, lots of other stuff is different over the double stack guns and it's only 6+1 in a package that IMHO isn't that much smaller then a G30.
    I think out of all the handguns that Glock makes the G30 is my #1 choice and the G19 would be a close 2nd. I could be happy with either one and really do love my G30. Small enough for EDC/CCW but still gets the job done for Home Defense, especially with a Full Size G21.13 round mag in place of the factory 10 round G30 mag.
  14. LT2108

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    I would say the 30SF, it's what I carry I went to this from a 26, has the same mag capacity as a 26, and you have the round of a 45.
  15. n8vyc

    n8vyc New Member

    Glock 36 for sale.

    I am funding another gun project. I have 1000.00 of upgrades in the glock but I am selling it for 700.00
  16. j102

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    I would buy the G26. It goes really well with your G19. And believe me, in some cases, the smaller size G26 makes a difference.

    Once you are ready for your third gun (and you will) the G30sf is that gun! :)
  17. gunsmithie23

    gunsmithie23 New Member

    Ah 10-4 can't afford that. I'll just get my FFL to order me one lol. Thanks though
  18. BocaDan

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    What a coincidence, I was debating myself over 26 vs 36. I have a G34 and it's more of a backpack gun, than a ccw gun. I want a small form gun as a ccw and I really don't want to consider anything other than a Glock.

    I was "assuming" that the G36 would be more or less as much as a G26, but apparently there is a gap in their pricing. I've held & shot a G26 and I was pretty neutral on it, a G36 on the other hand, I have never held one yet.

    I wouldn't mind having a 45GAP, 10mm or 357sig, but in case of a SHTF situation, I think the most easily accessible ammunition will probably be 9x19, 40 & 45ACP. Magazine capacity not being too important for me, 36 still comes up as a winner. I also never felt warm towards 40 for some reason so I guess I'm still back at 9x19 vs 45ACP discussion and back at 26, vs 30 vs 36...

    Decisions, decisions...

    My wish for G40 in this case is a single stack 9x19, that is no wider than 0.8-0.9" :)
  19. nativezonie

    nativezonie New Member

    I had the same question about a year ago. Living in AZ where heat is an issue I wanted something reliable, fairly light weight, stopping power, and easily concealable. After trying the 26, 30SF, and 36 at the range, I went with the 36. Not having the largest of hands, the 36 felt better in the hands and shot great, but so did the 26. One year and a 1,000 rounds later, I haven't regretted my decision.
  20. BocaDan

    BocaDan New Member

    Nativezonie, living in South FL, I'm pretty much in the same boat with you, since I already have a 9mm, I'd love to have a Gun in a different caliber, so without even trying one, I'm 51% settled on the G36. One of these days I'll hit the local ranges and see if I can rent both a 26 and a 36 and I'll take it from there...

    By the way welcome to Glock Forum - hope you enjoy yourself here...