25th anniversary edition?

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    Hello there. I am new to the forums and a soon to be first time glock purchaser. A friend says he has a g19 for me that is an anniversary edition. He lives out of town and is going to come to my town to sell it to me. But I've scoured the internets and I only see G17s that are 25th anniversary. I'm not entirely convinced a 25th anniversary g19 exists.

    I will find out soon but was wondering if anyone here knows about the anniversary editions. I think the plaque looks a bit cheap on the handle from what I see on google images. Plus what are your thoughts on g17 vs. 19?
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    Here are some pics

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    17, 19, both great guns, but you are right the 25th anniversary is the G17 Gen4. I own one, and a 19. I pretty much don't shoot the 17 but thats only because its an anniversary edition. So I carry and shoot my 19 at the range. I got #157/2500 so that gun will probably get shot at special occasions.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum glockworkOrange !!

    Nice Pistola !!