256 gb Ssd vs 540 standard tb drive

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mwdenko, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. mwdenko

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    I am having a difficult time trying to decide if I should get a xps dell with a ssd drive with 256 gb. Or the standard 1tb 5400 drive

    I would like the space of the 5400. But it seems that the hard drive would be the slowest part of the system.. Why have 8gig of ram and a screaming processor and have a slow drive?

    I may have answered my own question... Lol.

    Any one have any thoughts?
  2. cvitter

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    5400 RPM is really slow for a desktop when you don't need the power saving advantages.

    If you can afford the SSD get it for your OS and Applications and then get a secondary drive (larger, slower, cheaper) for longer term data storage of items you don't access frequently.

    You will see the difference in performance.

  3. BocaDan

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    The question is do you need the speed or the capacity? I have 300GB WD velociraptor that is one of the fastest mechanical HD's ever made & I still have about 120GB empty space.

    FYI mine's a 2.5 yr old i7 with 8GB memory that I've built myself & it still rocks.

    Also you can get them both. Use the sad for your OS & application drive & use the 1TB for swap file, temp folders & all your data.

  4. havasu

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    I'd choose the one with the biggest flux capacitor!

  5. Matthew780

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    :D J/K, LOL!
  6. mwdenko

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    Now that's funny... Flux compasitor
  7. mwdenko

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    Thanks. I think I'm going with the ssd. Faster cooler etc...

    I'll get an external for all the misc junk.
  8. rickjames

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    Newegg baby. Bought all my components for my first build there. No ssd though. Maybe in the future