22 or 23C?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by al1599, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. al1599

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    Thinking about a new gun. Kind of stuck on the 22 or the 23C. I like the fact that the 23C is supposed to have a little less recoil but I've also heard that it makes it difficult for your eyes to re-adjust when shooting in low light. I have shot the 22 and I like the feel but haven't shot a 23c
  2. I would not recommend the C models because of the shooting in low light issues... .aside from the blinding aspect, you can also run into burning yourself if you fire it too close to yourself in a struggle..... but if it is recoil or muzzle flip you are worried about most, I would suggest getting the Tungsten recoil assembly.... supposed to be 500% stronger than the stock one.

  3. Dboyce12

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    You gotta go with the 22 mine is amazing and the kick is not bad at all. You'll love it
  4. al1599

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    I just want to be able to recover quick from the last shot and be back on target quickly. Ive been shooting about 5 years now and I want to be able to shoot a little more accurate. I think I'm decent but there's always room for improvement. Ive heard great things about the recoil assembly. The gun wouldn't be until at least summer so I just want to hear other opinions and suggestions.
  5. Webphisher

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    Carry, range, home defense?
  6. al1599

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    Little bit of all 3. Mostly range and back up home defense. I have a 30 for carry but would be nice to have multiple options
  7. I would suggest replacing the recoil assembly and not the C models then

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    If it is not home defense then try them both and get the one you shoot best. If you might use it for home defense then go with the G22.
  9. TheTrujillo

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    I've heard different things about replacing the recoil assembly? I thought it made a lot of sense to help reduce muzzle flip and I liked the fact that it was made of Tungsten rather than plastic. But a lot of people I have talked to said its a waste of money and it's another useless POS? Please advise?
  10. jimmyalbrecht

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    I say go for the 22. I have a 23 non-C model, and I can hit follow-up shots quite quickly. Within 10 yards, I can hit in the center mass as fast as I can pull the trigger. Practice with it, and you will develop proficiency. I just kinda remember where the sights go from shooting it so much so it's second nature.