.22 caliber hand guns

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  1. what is a good .22 caliber handgun to get?
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    Although there are mixed feelings about them on the internets, I love my Walther P22. That being said the Ruger SR22 is a direct competitor and from what I hear is a tad better gun than the P22. And finally if you don't mind the Saturday Night Special BS, you can get a Phoenix HP22 for around $120. I have one and it is a FUN gun...

  3. I have a Ruger Mk 2 and a Smith & Wesson 22A, Both are reliable and accurate. The S&W will devour anything, the Ruger's a bit fussier. The S&W has a built in sight rib with rail for mounting optics, but the sights re so good I never have.
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    My friend has a Ruger Mark III and that thing is fun to shoot! I know Kel Tec has a .22 magnum, and it looks like fun!
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    I own three .22's ...it's a fun caliber for plinking and it's cheap to shoot !!

    Everyone should own at least one .22 rifle...this one will chamber .22 short, .22 long,

    and .22 long rifle...


    My .22 long rifle pistol...


    and my .22 magnum derringer...

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    Ruger 10/22 Charger Archangel conversion..... It's a handgun, sort of....

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    The Charger is the most accurate handgun I've ever shot..... And that's up against the T/C Contender I had in .223
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    If you want just a plinker that will mimic a bigger fullsize semi auto, then you can choose from a Sig Mosquito, Ruger SR22, or a Walther P22. You can also get a AA conversion kit for your glock.
    The Browning Buckmark, S&W 22A, Ruger Mark series of pistols are more accurate, but do not mimic a larger semi auto.
    You can never forget a good ole revolver either!

    Personally, for plinking find one you like and buy it! If you want something accurate, the Buckmark, 22A, and Mark series tend to be the best!
    Just my .02 cents worth.

    Here is my Glock and Sig
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    I completely forgot that S&W makes an M&P22 as well. I haven't shot one yet, but they are getting good reviews. They are a bit bigger than the Mosquito and are about 90% the size of a 9mm M&P. Just another one to think about.

    Let us know what you decided on and why!
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    Me and 3 of my friends shoot Steel Challenge and all of us shoot S&W 22-A's. Super accurate and reasonably priced.
    Academy Sports normally has them for $249.
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    I've had a few different ones over the years but the one I've always kept was the Ruger MKII
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    If we're talking about .22 caliber, I'd say one of these:


    But I suspect you're thinking more of .22lr and less of .223...
    I've got a cheap S&W 22A with a dinky 2x scope on it that's pretty fun to play with, and I'm looking real hard at that 10/22 Charger.
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    I really like my p22 by walther. I had the mosquito by sig but I didn't keep it. I was not happy with it. My opinion the p22 is great for a cheap day of shooting! My daughter is "learning" gun safety and this is perfect for her. I would recommended it to anyone. I paid $200 for it from a friend of mine that was needing $, but they go for about $330 ish new I think.
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    i have a Ruger Mark III very nice and fun gun
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    So very similar. My son is the main reason I got the p22 so that he can learn gun safety & cheap practice. Centerfire had them NIB for $270ish back in December.
  16. I enjoy my 22A... Adjustable sights, 5.5" barrel... Pain in the ass to rack the slide (have to pinch the sides) but otherwise extremely enjoyable.
  17. My wife has the Ruger SR22 and the S&W M&P 15-22. Both are alot of fun to shoot!! The Ruger is a great gun. You get two different grips and two different mag bottoms for added extension.
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    Does anyone recommend a sig mosquito or browning buck mark? The gun show is tomorrow and I want to get some thing I can get a lot of practice with.
  19. I tried the sig mosquito at the range and didnt like it. lots of ftf and fte. changed the ammo I was using and still the same. tried a buck mark and not an issue with either ammo
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    Thanks. I'm going again today and will probably walk out with a Ruger sr22. I haven't heard anything but good things. Hickok45 has a nice review on YouTube for it! Thanks for the help! :)