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First off the Press is only putting out what they want you to hear and they want you to hear that this poor Black Woman is treated differently than the White/Mexican who killed the poor defenseless Black Boy.
The prosecution used expert witnesses to prove (At Least to the Jury) that the "Warning Shot" wasn't a warning shot but a barley missed aimed shot. There was also testimony that where she shot put the 2 kids in danger plus the she re-entered the area to shoot him. Now I think any man who beats a woman deserves to be shot but do it by the rules!

On another note the autopsy on Martin shows he had scraped up knuckles and no other injuries except for the bullet hole. The medical Report from Zimmerman's Dr the Day after the shooting shows Zimmerman had a broke nose and contusions and a possible fracture to the back of the skull. Plus two black eyes.
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