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Thought I might start a discussion on the rules of GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation GSSF to help the new members better understand some of what goes on at a match.

Will be a good chance for me too to get caught up on any changes.

I still work for a living so some days I might be a little slow answering but I'll get to it.

To start off:

When does a shooter get a reshoot?

From the GLOCK Report (

GSSF Rule 160.40 states a Range Officer (RO) may grant a reshoot in the case of a non-recoverable scoring error and is detected at the time you review and intial your scoretsheet.

And Rule 160-45 states if you failed to detect a scoring error at the time you initialed your score sheet but find it later as you review your carbon copy AND before you have left the range and while the match is still in progress and an appropriate stage setup is still available, you may reshoot the stage.

See the Range Officers at the stage where you shot and where the error occurred, or see the Range Master or Match Registrar if necessary. In such instances Range Officers may place the competitor near the top of the then-current shooting order so they may reshoot their score without excessive delay.

And one more rule; 160.50 states
Once all of each respective stage setups have been torn down, it is too late to reshoot any erroneous scores. Be sure to verify the correctness of each of your scores, preferably before you leave the stage location, but in any case before you leave the match.

And the RO's are guided as(

GSSF reshoot policies are much more lenient than those of other shooting venues.

Everyone is allowed one “free reshoot” per stage. No matter the cause of a malfunction,whether bad ammo, “limp wristing”, or whatever.

If the competitor cannot or does not complete three “clean” strings of fire on “Fiveto GLOCK” or “GLOCK ‘M”, the ROs will paste all targets and reset all steel and allow the competitor one additional chance to shoot three “clean” strings. On “GLOCK the Plates”, competitors may re-shoot individual strings, not all strings.

If there is a SECOND malfunction the competitor and his gun, ammo and other equipment should be removed to the Armorer for resolution. Once the problem has been corrected, the competitor may return to the Stage location and again attempt to shoot a “clean” Stage.

So pretty much you'll get one Re-Shoot and if the problem occurs again you'll have to step aside and resolve the issue if it is an equipement malfunction. We always allow reshoots due to stage or personnel errors. So bring that 150 rounds to shoot a stage, just in case. But always check that score sheet before you sign it!
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