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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mn_slow, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. mn_slow

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    Here Iam 1 week after buying my first handgun, I bought a Glock 20 went and shot it and I love it!!!!!!! Now its time to mod it out like everythinmg else I own lol. Pretty new to handguns and guns in general I usually just shoot them and clean them, never tare pieces out and put new ones in.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum mn_slow !!

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum! Nice signature! Stick around, you will like it here!
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    Welcome to the forum!!!!
  5. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome! The 20 is the 10mm right?
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    Hello, Mn_slow, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Congratulations on your purchase, and now you are part of the family.

  7. mn_slow

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    Yes it is.

    Thanks everybody, I definitely see a few more glock in my future.
  8. series11

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    Hey welcome to the Forum!!! There are many places to buy or get mods. I bought from http://www.rockyourglock.com/ and got my G21 with an Adjustible trigger, 4.5lb pull, tunsten guide rod, extended mag release, extended slide lock, and quadra ports. There is a ton you can do to make it function better or look awesome.