1st time Glock owner - Alpharetta GA

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bierbrewer, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Greetings all,

    Just picked up my first Glock today; a 19. I shot one on Tuesday at the range, as I was in need (I use the word "need" very loosely) of a new 9mm. Have had a S&W 5906 for a while that a buddy of mine has let me borrow for a few years. He wants it back now. :)

    I've always been a rifle guy; got my first .22 @ 6 yrs old. Have shot off and on for years, but just recently got the bug for handguns (and got back into shooting) and got my CCL. Been shooting pretty actively for a few months now and have bought a Sig P250SC .40 cal, a Ruger LCP .380 w/ Crimson Trace, and now my Glock since getting started back up.

    I love the way it feels in my hand, even more so than the one I shot at the range. Maybe it's just because it's mine? Regardless, I'm going to the range tomorrow and gonna light this baby up! I really wanted a 9mm because it's cheaper to shoot than my .40 cal, and it's just a good all around caliber.

    I'm a very competitive person, so I have a bit of interest in competition shooting. I am a competitive homebrewer (hence my s/n), and pretty much competitive in everything I do, so it's bound to happen eventually. I'm ready to get some range time in and get rollin'! This might not be the best Glock for competition, but hopefully I can make it work if I choose to go that route. We shall see...

    Glock definitely has a strong following and a good reputation. It helps that their NA location is not too far away if something goes wrong, as well. :)

    Cheers from Alpharetta, GA!

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    Welcome to the Glock forum bierbrewer from Oklahoma and congrats on your new Glock 19. You will love shooting it and it will give you years of enjoyment.
    Where is Alpharetta located in Georgia. I was born in Cordele but raised in Warner Robins, GA.

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    Hello, BierBrewer, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Congrats on getting your '19! A good choice there!

    Got any pics of your growing arsenal you wish to share?

    Oh, and in the Off-Topic section you will find a lively discussion on preferred drinks and brews, you may enjoy that thread, too!

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks for the welcoming, guys!

    @ LeeHarpe - Alpharetta is just north of ATL about 20 miles, still in Fulton County.

    Just got home from the range. Put about 120 rounds thru the new baby, not a single hiccup whatsoever. Shot a box of Federal white box, some of the maroon box federals, and then finished up with some of the Atlanta Arms ammo, all 115 fmj. It's a sweet shooting gun, I reaaaaaly like it! I just got home and cant wait to go back shooting again!

    Below is a pic of my last 10 shots @ 7 yds, not a bad group I guess for a beginner. I was feeling a bit fatigued, too, after shooting my Sig .40 cal about 30 rounds and my little LCP (aka the hand cannon) 20 or so rounds, along with the first 110 rounds from the 9mm. Hell of a day of fun for sure!


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    Welcome! I was just in Alpharetta last Friday. Nice choice on the Glock too man!
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    Welcome bierbrewer! We live in N GA too and are members at Bullseye Marksman in Cumming. If you are interested in competing, Bullseye hosts GSSF matches on the first Saturday of every month. We have a great time. Bullseye also has IDPA matches a couple of times per month. Haven't done those yet but hope to soon. Happy shooting.
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    Cool! I'd like to come check it out for sure. I'm a member @ Sharpshooters in Roswell. It's literally a 2 minute drive from my office and no more than 10 mins from home. It really couldnt be more convenient for me. I can go squeeze off 50 rounds or so on my lunch break and go back to the office nice and refreshed. :) Really great on "those days" where nothing seems to go right.

    Thanks again for the welcomes, all!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum bierbrewer !!