1911s Suck?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by jln370, Feb 20, 2012.

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    First to make fun of his shirt. [​IMG]

  3. First let me start by saying that I own 5 1911s. This guy speaks the absolute truth.
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    I loved mine 1911...worked great. But i love my glock more lol.

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  5. If some of the people I know see this video

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    WOW!!!! That's bold.
  7. Freakin awesome....my Kimber junkie buddy will LOOOOVE this. LMAO. Sending him the link in a text right now!
  8. My Kimber junkie/Kimber CCW buddy openly admits that in a known battle or S.H.T.F. situation he would most definitely leave the 1911's at home and grab either of his G19's.

    Funny how that works isn't it?
  9. I've had a 1911. I'd own another one too. I loved that gun. It was pretty and great at the range, but I'd never stake my life on it. LOL :D
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    I own four 1911a1's and one Glock...

    I carry my Glock everyday.
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    I love my 1911 commander but I understand exactly what he is saying. I've also been told a 1911 has enough oil when it pours down your hand.
  12. Having trained in the Marine Corps, all we had was the 1911's...and when I got out, I was dedicated to that platform...However, after buying my Gen1 G23, firing thousands of rounds through it, I sold my 1911 and bought the G21 instead, and NEVER look Back. I have nothing against 1911's, but anyone with have a brain can see that Glocks are superior in accuracy and reliability. the ultimate in point and shoot.
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    ....jes like a Sig!
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    Among my group of shooting buddies, all with identical cultural backgrounds as mine, I have noticed a curious trend when they first get into gun ownership. The first gun they buy will be the cheapest M1911 they can buy. Curiously, the next gun will be an AK47 clone, but anyway...

    When we go shooting, there they are with 1911's ranging from plain-Jane SA 1911 to cute and shiny Kimbers, and among them I stand, the only pariah, holding in my hand "tactical tupperware", sheesh!, a PLASTIC gun! And as they clear jams, stovepipes, FTFs and well as stopping to reload, I keep blasting away with my G30, and soon enough they ask to shoot it, or I offer it up for them to try. Yeah, I get the "grip feels weird" comment a lot (after watching the video above, now I know why!), but it has never jammed, never FTF'd or FTE'd and has never failed to return to battery upon chambering and also never fails to lock the slide back on an empty magazine.

    Soon enough, they buy a Glock!

    As a FA instructor, I see a lot of different guns being shot a lot of different ways, and I will be the first to say that for personal defense you need to have a gun that fits you, regardless (almost*) of the brand/model/design/caliber. And I will say that the thickness of a Glock's grip has turned off many potential Glock owners, and that is fine with me. The bottom line is: you can NEVER accurately shoot a gun that you cannot comfortably hold in your hand.

    *I say "almost" because there are guns with a disturbing history of failures, some simple but chronic feed failures, some witha history of blowing up, and there are some calibers that have a somewhat questionable reputation as far as being able to stop a threat.

    That being said, I tell them, will your (fill in the blank with gun name) pass the parachute test: will it open when you need it?

    I have 28 handguns (including 3 revolvers), of which 2 are Glocks. There is not a single M1911 in my collection :D
  15. ......and then comes along the Gen4's, that problem solved.:D
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    After training with and carrying a M1911A1 in the good ol' US Army, I still like that platform. I have 2 Glocks and no 1911s right now, but I have owned many 1911s and carried them in full confidence. I do agree that the Glock is superior to the M1911 platform, but I do not agree that the 1911 is bad or should not be trusted. I'd stake my life on using a quality 1911 any day. I have more rounds thru the 1911 than I do the Glock, but that is shifting each time I go to the range. I prefer my Glock, but I still have a deep love of the M1911 and always will.

    Also, love the Sig bashers. Love my Glocks, but I'd pit my Sig against them any day of the week for dependability and accuracy. It would be one hell of a match and if you ran it weekly for years it would still end up about 50% win for each side.
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    As a 1911 owner who invested a lot in to my shiny Kimber, I do love my gun. However, I do fully see where the guy is coming from. Glock has by far proven themselves when it comes to reliability.

    If SHTF I definately would reach for my Glock, though I don't plan on leaving my S&W 686 behind either if I can help it ;)
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    I own 7 1911's, all have been gone through throughly to make them function properly. Love them. I also have 7 Glocks. I carry the Glocks. I carry the 1911s to the range!!
    I also have 3 Hi Powers, they work almost as well as the Glocks.
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    1911s are so 1911 I like a 21st century glock. :)
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    Actually, on reflection, I wouldn't mind adding an M1911 to my collection.....in the end after all the ammo has been burned thru, I can beat the BG over the head with it....wouldn't want to do that with my Glock! :D