1911 fiasco

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  1. My Kimber pro carry II made me understand why I love Glock. This new Kimber has been sent back seven times for MIM part failures and a horrible grip safety fit. The last straw was a a jam so bad it broke something. Sold it for $350.00 to a local smith with a piece of alloy that nobody can figure out from where it came. I so love my gen 4 22... Replaced Kimber with desert eagle 1911 c and must say the DE 1911 is very nice. If you want a 1911 the eagle is flawless. But still not a glock!
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    I have one of the Desert Eagle 1911's, early model ,before the front slide serrations. The trigger on it is absolute butter, and this gun (the full size model) will shoot the hair off a gnat. It is probably one of the best 1911 middle priced guns I have ever owned. I have Kimbers, Sigs, and Colt 1911's and I love the Desert Eagle the most. And I agree, the Kimber quality has gone down hill pretty badly. But hey, I also love Glock.

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    I just recently bought a Ruger SR1911 and love it. I paid $649 for it. It's a great gun.
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    I know the SR9 isn't the 1911 but I must say the Ruger is a damn nice gun, good looking to. My wife loves the SR9!
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    Lol, I tried to talk my friend out of a Kimber and into a Glock for these exact reasons. He gave the typical responses: of the "weird" backstrap angle, the plastic gun, etc. He is buying his first pistol, and he is planning to use it for concealed carry. Hopefully he will see the light: it doesn't get better than a Glock for personal defense.
  7. I owned the SR9 before selling it to take over my wife's G26 Gen 4. You are right, the SR9 is an awesome handgun, but it was too big to C&C. There were a few things I didn't like(due to my lack of research! Never impulse buy when it comes to a $500 gun! Lol!) Let's see, first, the full size, then the stainless slide, the ridiculously large "LOADED WHEN UP" chamber indicator, manual safety, and last and definetly least, the mag disconnect safety! So, what did I like, adjustable sights, reasonable price, and it shot really good! I put about 300 rounds thru it before I sold it. So, all I can say, fine weapon, just not for me! IMHO!
  8. On the SR9 the magazine safety disconnect can be removed very very easily just pull the blocker out of the striker tunnel. Here is a vid of mine after I painted the sights awesome pistol [ame]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HVvKZp7XFwU[/ame]
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    YOu'd be hard pressed to find a 1911 that isn't better than a kimber.
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    I don't claim to be a 1911 expert but I think Rugers version is a very fine weapon. I really like it. Kimbers are nice but a tad too much for me on the price tag.
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    Kimber raptor II all the way or a glock :)
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    I had an SA 1911, loved that gun. Though being full size it was too much for cc.
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    I can't say anything bad about Kimber's because I've never owned one. The Ruger is my 1911 and I can say its a great weapon just like my Glock. I will be getting a Glock in .45 ACP as soon as I can afford one. What I'm trying to say is everyone has their opinions about different weapons and that's a good thing.
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    You would be hard pressed to find a Stock 1911 anywhere near as good as my Kimber!
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    Anythign SA other than the MilSPec, and they are a hell of a lot cheaper.
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    Kimbers are pretty.......... thats all

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    Fun to look at indeed they are!
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    I have 2 pro carry II kimbers. Love them both. Have only had one problem caused by a lack of maintaince from the department that had them before I got them. The slide would not go back forward, the pins had not been lubricated and would not ho into the frame without help. I cleaned and lubricated the weapon, not a problem since. My wife likes it much better than the sig 9mm I got her.
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    Kimbers are an amazing gun just some people dont wana spend 1600$ but i look at it like this u get what u pay for and i have no problem paying for a kimber over any 1911 unless it a nighthawk custom 1911 mad of damascus steel then i will give up the 3500$ price tag