180 grain vs 165 grain 40 cal for glock

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by GEN4G23, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. GEN4G23

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    Hey everyone. I need some input. I heard that 180 grain FM was not good to use in the Glock 40 Cal and it was best to use 165 grain. Any suggestions? I currently am using 180 grain fmj blazer brass for my range ammo
  2. jimmyalbrecht

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    It's not necessarily bad per say, but maybe not the best. There are a couple of threads on this already, but the 180 gr. bullet is sort of heavy-for-cailber in the .40. It takes up a lot of room in the casing so they can't load the powder too hot because you get a very high pressure resulting in Kabooms. Because of this, to err on the side of caution, the factory will typically load the 180gr. cartridges a little lighter in case of an accidental overload. This is not an issue in the 165 gr. It will be closer to the recoil of your self-defense ammo unless your SD ammo is 180 gr. as well (which isn't a good choice for SD ammo). If that didn't explain it fully enough someone will be along to add to or correct me lol.

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    Thanks that helped alot. I currently use speed gold dot 165 grain GDHP SD ammo. Is the recoil that much of a difference going from a 180 grain to a 165 grain?
  4. kulok77

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    I Target with 180 cause it is in greater supply at Walmart.now I'm rethinking what I use.
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    Blazer Brass is good for the range and you can get it in bulk from bulkammo at a good price
  6. I have used 180gr Speer lawman and federal and havent had any problems using my KKM barrel.
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    It's pretty significant IMO.
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    I use 165 gr based on most f the reports I've read. It is discouraging most reloaded s 180 gr.
  9. jimmyalbrecht

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    Yep, it is because of the danger of putting to much powder and having a kaboom.
  10. zipper046

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    180 heads are used alot by those in competition. The heavier bullet at moderate rates makes major power factor easily. Factory ammo typically is at major power factor out of the box.

    The 165 grain heads gibe a bot more velocity and shoot a bit flatter. Alot of folks and PD's use 165gr Speer gold dots. Its a good self defense round.

    180 grain heads are plentiful due to alot of competitors. As long as you reload with a medium burn rate powder (I use UNIQUE or TItegroup) you'll be fine.
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    I only shoot 165gr. You can get it in Blazer Brass or Federal, but I usually just get mine from Georgia Arms.

    When you're practicing, it's best to get practice ammo that's as close to your carry ammo as possible. Try to match bullet weight, energy and velocity as closely as possible.
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