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    Looking for a gun to use for both IDPA and concealed carry. Obviously either will be a compromise in one area. The sizes don't look that different. How much harder is it to conceal a 17 than a 19? If you have both, do you ever carry the 19 because you can conceal it but not the 17?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum okorpheus !!

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    I have a 19 and carried for a short time. Then found a used 26 for carry instead. As far as the 17 goes, depends on personal preference. Considering the occasion where you would have to use it for self defense it really wouldn't make any difference. Maybe a good inside the waistband holster will make the decision for you?
  4. I have a gen 4 17, and find it too uncomfortable to use an IWB holster. I looked at the 19 gen 4 today, and it really doesn't seem too different. The problem is, if I want to drop down any smaller in 9mm, I'll most likely have to get the pinky grip mag extension, which makes me question if it is worth going to the sub compact with Glock. I know it may be blasphemous to say in the glock forums, but I'm liking the Kahr PM 9... But still undecided mainly due to its lack of Glock-like features.
    When you drop to a 26, you lose the rails too, so no attachments.
    I would keep my 17, even if I bought a 19 or 26 gen 4. But I personally find it awkward to carry concealed.
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    Buy both!

    The big thing is like you said the 17 will be a pain in the ass. At 75' I can still put rounds through the bullseye on my 19. Honestly what I am doing is I have the 19 for carry, the 30 for a back up, and then I'm buying a 34 for competitions. If multiple guns aren't a solution, go with the 19. I say this because I'm assuming self defense is more important than competitions.
  6. I've got the 34 and love it. Not sure why they don't have a gen 4 for that model yet. They are very hush hush about release plans
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    Its already out. Ive handled one, not shot, its just not not the site. Just like the 21 Gen4.
  8. @Webphisher: What is not the site?
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    I thought about getting a 19. Decided to stick w the 17 because I couldn't handle the smaller one as well as the 17. My 17 is a Gen3 rtf and it is my favorite gun now.
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    Gen4 Glock 34 and 35 models are out, they are just not listed on the Glock website.

    If you can only afford one right now I'd go with the 19. The 17, IMO, is really only semi-comfortably concealable in a hybrid holster like the crossbreed supertuck.
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    Wow I have NO clue what I was writing, I think the iPhone lied for me.

    OH, Its not ON the website yet for Glock. Thats what I meant.
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    There you go, blaming the phone...

    (just kidding)

    To the OP:

    I have and carry a Gen3 G26 everyday (except some days in the winter, I take the G30). First thing I did was put the Pearce +2 extensions on all the magazines. I love it! Shoot it a lot. Carry it all the time. When I started to get into IDPA, I got G17 magazines for it, each one with X-Grip mag sleeve, and I have since converted to carrying the '26 with '17 mags in it EDC. I use OWB holster, buy the way.

    If I was you, I would go with the '19 (being as the choices are only the '19 or the '17). You can still use '17 mags in it if you wanted to :)

    Hope that helps.
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    I bought a Gen 3 Glock 19 for some of these reasons. I thought the larger G17 would be easier to handle with my arthritis, but it's not. My 19 just fits my hands and will be easier to conceal. We've got an Eastman's Gun Show in town this weekend so I'm trolling the forums researching conceal holsters. The standard 'Sport' holster from Glock is only $14, so I'm thinking of getting that for range use. BTW, I've named my G19 "Betty," as in "Old Black Betty, Bam-A-Lam." I'm proud to be a Glock-head at last!
  14. well, I just bought a 26 (Gen 4). As mentioned above, I have a 17 (Gen 4). The 19 was too similar to the 17, and the 26 isn't. Like said by many posters, the 26 can always have a larger magazine added to it, the 19 can not be made smaller.
    I'll take it to the range and write up a separate thread with my review. Good luck to the OP and their decision