165 vs 180g

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    165 less recoil or no?????
  2. Not in my observation. 165gr 40cal loads are pushed to 1150-1200fps normally, the 180gr bullets normally see 950fps so there's a lot more "snap" IMHO with the lighter bullets where as the heavier ones are more "45ish" although they still have some of that 40cal "snap". I didn't believe it until I tried it, been a 155gr-165gr 40cal shooter every time I've had one but the local WalMart only had 180gr stuff in stock, bought a box and was amazed at how much easier they were to shoot. Still not as easy as a 45acp IMHO but a lot better then the lighter stuff.

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    I find the 165gr to be "snappy".
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    The 165gr has more recoil IMO.
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    A retired E-9 Marine who competes often told me some years back that 180 has less recoil than 165. A heavier bullet will always have less velocity and less recoil. At the time we were discussing what would be the better bullet weight in a PM40.
  6. I cant tell the difference in shooting my 180gr target ammo and shooting a few of my 165 self defense ammo. Feels the same to me. But I do have big hands, if that matters.
  7. with my reloads I get better accuracy with 165gr bullets. I dont get a snap in recoil with 165s factory or reloads.I felel it more with the 180gr bullets.I have not shot any of my 40 cal pistols in a while so I could have the recoil backwards.But 165s are the best for accracy in all of my 40cal pistols!
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    this is an excerpt of something I read on the interwebs awhile back on .40 and weight differences:

    This caliber has established an excellent track record on the street. Smith & Wesson and Winchester really did their research when they invented the .40 S&W. Your choice comes down to either the 180 grain jacketed hollowpoints or the 135-155 grain jacketed hollowpoints by Cor-Bon, Winchester,Federal,CCI or Remington. All are good stoppers,but the lighter weight bullets have the best stopping power records on the streets.

    The real-world shooting database clearly favors the lighter 135-155 gr. JHP loads. I personally would carry the potent Cor-Bon 135 or 150 grain jacketed hollowpoint or the Winchester Silvertip 155 grain jacketed hollowpoint (X40SWSTHP). The 135-155 grain JHP kicks less and has higher kinetic energy and stopping power than the 180 gr. JHP loads. The 135 gr. JHP appears to be a real stopper.

    In short,you cannot go wrong with the .40 S&W - unless you carry ball. Choose a good hollowpoint and stick with it. Leave the ball for practice (the CCI Blazer 180 grain TMJ is a good inexpensive practice round). /endexcerpt

    Judging from the webpage itself, there is a lot of good info there, so I take whats said here as truth.
    Heres the full link: