11 dead, many others critical...

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    11 people are dead and others have serious life threatening injuries in a car wreck. I'm wondering if this story will get the media space that Colorado theater is getting??????
    If not, why not??? (kinda rhetorical ?)
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  2. GastonGlock

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    Breaking News: they were all legally owned cars and driven with valid licenses! Wake up and ban cars America

  3. I'm writing to my state representatives to ask them to ban cars. They kill thousands of people each year and it is only going to get worst the more they make. Wake up America cars kill. :p :)
  4. GAgal

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    LOL! I was having this same conversation on Saturday with one of the guys at the gun range. It's so true! Cars can be used as a deadly weapon by anyone.
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    I think the long term solution for these things is to simply ban law abiding citizens. Regardless of the weapon, gun, car, knife, bat, alcohol, rope, chainsaw...we are clearly the problem. Ban the law abiding citizen now!

    Think about it. If you ban guns, only criminals will have guns. If you ban law abiding citizens, we will all, therefore, be criminals. Criminals have guns. We get to keep our guns. Problem solved.

    Ban the law abiding citizen today! I encourage everyone to go out and commit a crime right now! ;)
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    Outlaw hybrid cars!!!!! Their battery systems give them extended ranges which let them drive further and can possibly kill more people without refueling!

  7. I say that everybody cut off their hands so there for they cant commit crimes or kill people. lol Can't do nothing if you cant grab it or pick it up. :p
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    I just saw this on the news and they are reporting that now there are 13 dead from this vehicle collision in Texas, and the remaining 12 who were in the vehicle were injured. They believe having 25 persons in one vehicle leads them to believe they were undocumented illegal aliens (or whatever the PC terminology is today) coming from Mexico.

    Since they appeared to swerve off the roadway and collide into a tree, I sure hope they ban these killer trees immediately!
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    Down with killer trees!!!!
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    If you really think about it they already do restrict the heck out of driving and owning a vehicle. You have to prove identity and citizenship and pass tests to get a DL, you have to pay register your vehicle every year giving the government all the intimate details of your vehicle. If you violate too many 'fine only' offenses they suspend your DL and sometimes vehicle registration, if you violate certain more serious driving offenses they take away your license for life

    They call freedom of movement a seperate right from the priviledge to drive a vehicle. Much the same as they say the right to bear arms does not come without restrictions even though the constitution and the bill of rights clearly state otherwise.
  11. I must respectfully disagree with all of these calls to ban motorized vehicles. The vehicles have done nothing wrong, the wheels are the great enabler. We must ban wheels immediately!

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    The act of the deaths is what the public finds horrific, not the numbers. James Holmes' evil cannot be grasped. The numbers involved in the crime only make it sensational but are not newsworthy alone.

    The incident in your example is considered an accident. It is sad and tragic but not (considered) evil.

    Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot each killed millions. Yet we write books and movies about one because he targeted a race/religion. We barely flinched at the other because they were "his own people." In this case, both were evil acts but we frankly didn't care about the Killing Fields because it never touched home plate in the States.

    It's no secret and nothing new that sensationalism sells stories. Oldest gimmick in publishing. Not to mention gun violence/gun control is a traditionally red-button topic (like abortion, racism, gay rights, taxes, free speech, etc).

    While your point on gun issues is noted, I think by the establishment of your argument as it is, you are automatically setting up for an obvious counter-answer. Unless, of course, your question was truly rhetorical.
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