10mm vs 45

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by TaylorG17, May 19, 2012.

  1. TaylorG17

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    I have a g17 and i love it but im i the markit for somthing more i was thinking about a g21 but a friend of mine has a 10mm and says its a better round so now i dont know what i should get. Any advice?
  2. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum TaylorG17! I'm sure some of our members will be along shortly to offer their opinions. They are a very friendly bunch. Please post a little about yourself in the Introduction subforum so everyone gets a chance to welcome you properly. I hope you enjoy it here.

  3. Birddogyz

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    I have the G-20 and a 1911. They are both great calibers. I went with the G -20 over the 21 due to capacity and ballistics. I use the g-20 as a back up while hunting. You can not go wrong with either. The only down side to the 10mm is availability of ammo. Not every one carries it locally.
  4. Glkman

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    FWIW I have a 21 and a 36 I love both and can recommend both. hard to beat a 45. Its been around awhile and has a good reputation. That being said I'm thinking of getting a 10 mm to make a carbine with or at least carry for hunting. Now as a go to gun for defense no question for me its the G21/45, its what I know and can handle with out a doubt!
  5. meanaction

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    I own a 10mm and 45 acp Glock. I bought the 10mm because of ammo availability. I was having a hard time finding 45 acp and when I did there was a limit. I can go to Academy Sports and buy as much 10 mm as I want no limit. At another Gun Shop they have at least 6 different types of self defense 10 mm ammo to buy. I use the Glock 21c with a 30 round magazine loaded with Ranger T's for Home Defense and the Glock 29 with Buffalo Bore ammo for Every Day Carry. What's cool about the 10mm is that you can buy a 40 barrel and you don't have to buy different magazines or ejector. So for another $105 you have a two caliber Glock. Hope this helps.
  6. Lucian_253

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    My city carry guns are the 21sf, & 30sf .45 ACP. When I go hiking, camping, the G20 comes with. They are both great choices!! You have to choose which is best for you. Welcome to the Forum.
  7. n2cycles

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    I put a 10mm conversion barrel in my G30 and haven't shot it in 45 since. My early concerns were with ammo availability but lately 10mm has been more available than 45 and about the same price.
  8. Silver-Bolt

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    For target and woods carry I prefer my 10mm. For carry or home defense my .45 gets the nod. If over penetration is a concern the 10mm may not be the best choice. A 180-200gr bullet traveling at 1200-1500fps is going to need a serious backstop.
  9. Glkman

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    Question? Did you do that conversion with a bbl only, and does it function reliably 100% of the time? I'm interested in doing a conversion on my 21, just wondering.
  10. g20

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    Here's an assortment of 10 mm offerings. The 135 grain nosler jhp would be a consideration for HD.

  11. focodude

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    Well said.
  12. What are you going to use it for?
    As far a versatility you can find a 10mm round that will do just about anything you want to do. 45 is a good round but for once I shot a 10mm and did a little background I picked up a G29SF and it's by far my favorite Glock for EDC as well as home defense. Ammo is as cheap as 45, more than available online.
    Shoot them both, find out for yourself.
  13. Lucian_253

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    What barrel did you use? Was the barrel and mags the only changes you made?
  14. sdglock23

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    I think "better" is kind of hard to quantify at times. Is the 10mm more "powerful"? Yes but the .45 shoots a bigger, heavier bullet too. I often load a 250gr hardcast in my G21 that will run 975 fps. That will drop a lot of critters. .45 ammo is easier to find and has better choices in terms of premium JHP bullets.

    Then there's the .45 Super and 460 Rowland that can be shot out of a G21. I load for the .45 Super, and can produce 800 ft-lbs of energy with a 275gr bullet...and I have 14rds of it. It would say that's better than the 10mm.
  15. chuckds

    chuckds Certified Glock Armorer

    I'm getting 1462 ft-lbs from my 10mm
    180gr HP bullet going 1912fps
    Glock G20 with custom upper

  16. sdglock23

    sdglock23 Glockoholic

    Yeah that's pretty good, but a 180gr JHP at 1912 fps is a grenade. I'm sure penetration isn't that good since you're pushing it a lot faster than it's intended. I promise my 275gr will out penetrate it :)
  17. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    Holy crap! Are you working up your own loads? Is it safe to shoot those kinds of loads? That's expressive.