10mm Ups And Down about it

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    not rea sure on the model but ive wanted one just to have one and guessing not but is there a compact model in that
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    They make a model 20 & 20sf that's full size and a model 29 & 29sf that's a subcompact, they don't make a compact model as far as the glock website says.

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    The 29 "sub compact" is between the size of the regular compact & sub compact guns.

    I carried the 29SF for a while. I love shooting the 10mm, especially in full size guns. The power of the 10mm gives a little extra thrill; it increases your pulse a little more than weaker calibers. It's just all around fun to shoot.

    For me, the 29 got to be a little much, because I have arthritis setting in. Even in the SF, the grip was just a little too big for me to fully wrap my hand around, so I can't get the kind of grip I need for it. In other guns, the grips are smaller and easier to handle. I don't know why Glock can't get the grip size down in .45ACP & 10mm, when everyone else has a smaller grip. It's partly because of the magazines, with the polymer being so much thicker and making them so much bigger around than a standard steel magazine. Regardless, my EAA Witness 10mm is much easier to get a grip on than the Glock 10mms.
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    I love my 29 I just got done with a few mosifications. I replaced the the factory barrel with an extended ported one and a new spring. Also a two shot extension on my mags. The only draw back is the ammo, its a little expensive. About 29$-35$ for a box of 50. Between that and my 1911 I may just go broke lol. But in all honesty I would never sell my 29.
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  8. I own a Glock 20. I also have a KKM conversion barrel in .357 Sig and a Lone Wolf conversion barrel in .40 S&W. IMO of all the Glock models, it gives me so much versatility - carrying the G20 in 10mm when I need full power loads, and either of the other calibers at other times. All with the same recoil spring (so far) and mags. I hope to get a G30 or G29 down the road someday.
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    I also have the G-20. Great powerful caliber. The only draw backs would be price of ammo and the weight for EDC. Other than, it is all GOOD.