10mm ammo availability

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  1. BangBangBahamian

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    I'm giving serious consideration to purchasing a G29 SF, however, I'm concerned with the availability of ammo for a not so common caliber. Any words of wisdom?
  2. Just buy in bulk that's what I do for my .357 SIG!

  3. SeventiesWreckers

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    There's plenty of 10mm for sale, it costs a bit more, so finding it deeply discounted is not really common. And if a supplier does put it on sale, it goes pretty fast, that's why buying in bulk is best.
  4. What state do you live in?
  5. BangBangBahamian

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    I live in Florida. Tampa Bay to be exact.
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    Atlanta arms ammo, BVAC ammo, Georgia Arms ammo, DoubleTap ammo, and Buffalo Bore ammo are the absolute best I've found. The DoubleTap sells good full power bulk ammo, and Buffalo Bore sells the most powerful 10mm I've ever seen for defense carry. There are a ton of ammo choices for the 10mm. But definitely go with the 29sf. I absolutely loved mine.
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    Go HERE and it may help locate 10mm ammo.
    One of these days I'd like to acquire a G29. :)
    Good luck.
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    Roll your own, get exactly what you want, save some money and it's fun.
  9. Reason I asked is there are lots of places to buy online if you can order it. If you buy a lot, consider Georgia Arms. Smaller batches, look at Luckygunner.com My favorite is freedom munitions.com, but they are light on 10MM choices.

    Good luck!
  10. laober

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    +1 for Georgiaarms.com, great bulk prices, and you get a can when you buy the "canned heat"
    Free shipping also on qualifying orders.
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    10mm can be found online all the time. In addition, Cabela's almost always has it available in thier stores. Most small local gun shops proably will not stock 10mm. Best bet is to buy online in bulk or start reloading. No matter where or how you get 10mm it is not cheap due to its relative lack of unavailability. Best bet is to start reloading it. If you reload 10mm it is not very expensive, if you can get used brass. Buying new 10mm brass is a little pricey but once you have the brass you can reload the brass over and over again.

    I have a 10mm Colt Delta Elite and love it. Am strongly considering getting a Glock G20 (10mm) this fall.
  12. shaker223

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    Don't forget about Underwood ammo. They have some hot 10MM ammo and good pricing to boot.

    I roll my own but bought a box to dissect and compare.
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    I just got a G 29 SF as well and I'm moving to Riverview Tampa area next week
    I know it's hard to find looking for places to buy in that area as well
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    Start reloading. I use Starline brass and Hornady bullets. I put in an order for brass (500 pieces) and when they do a run, I get brass. Because 10 MM and 40 cal use the same bullet, it's easy to find bullets. A pound of powder has 7,000 grains and is about $24. A 10 MM load is about 10 grains. Way cheaper to do it yourself. And you'll shoot more when you don't count the cost of every round.