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1000 rds down

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Just hit my 1000 rd mark with my G26 Gen4, not one single malfunction and eats anything I put into it..... I could not be happier with my decision to get a Glock and I love the G26, very easy to conceal and comftorable, I do not even know I am wearing it most of the time
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Time for its first cleaning.

I have had to replace three worn out RSAs on my G37 I shoot it soooo much. It still refuses to give me a problem. Not even an ammo related problem as of yet.

FWIW I put 800-900 rounds a week through a G17L over a seven year time period. Had some factory duds and a few hand load problems but them were either my fault or the factory ammos fault. Ran fine until the day I sold it to another pin shooter....
Nice! Another 9000 and it will start to get broken in.
do i hear a Glock-gasm starting?

heh-heh-heh <evil grin>
I just broke that mark today too!! Congrats!
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